The company Baratza provides grinders for professional as well as home usage. They have been successful in doing so since 1999. One of the most well-liked and basic models of coffee grinders from Baratza is the Encore. They claim that the Encore will give an efficient grind, and the machine will last a very long time, so it is worth the price.

The Baratza encore provides a basic standard burr grind, but it is highly durable and performs exceptionally well. This review will first discuss the grind quality of the Baratza Encore in detail and the manufacturing quality. It is also discussed in detail if the Encore is easy to use and how it functions.

I also mention how Baratza deals with and values its customers generally. This review will discuss the disadvantages of the Baratza Encore as well so that you can evaluate the pros and cons to decide if the Baratza Encore is right for you and if it is even worth the purchase.

Baratza Encore Conical Coffee Grinder

Grind Quality

Apparently, I have used the Baratza Encore. I have experienced its grind to be much better than other grinders with blades or cheap quality material. These grinders, in particular, have conical steel burs offering a consistent grind.

The encore is a perfect choice for you if you do not measure your brews using a digital scale. It produces a perfect grind for a stovetop espresso maker, French press, Aeropress, and pour-over coffee

Considering the price and quality, the Encore produces a very fine grind that you mostly get at a very high price. It does produce a few fines, but they are very few compared to other basic level grinders and also doesn’t affect your brew. Along with this, it grinds slowly, which means that the grinder is not producing any heat while grinding, adding to its durability.

One drawback in the grind quality is that it cannot produce a grind for an espresso. You can, however, try in a pressurized basket. In contrast, espresso needs a rugged motor, and the encore grinder might get damaged if you try to make an espresso shot.

Manufacturing Quality

The Baratza encore has a good motor or gearbox, which makes it highly durable as well as provides a quieter experience compared to other models. The gearbox also does not allow frequent jams that will not damage its operation and small internal parts, making the grinder highly durable.

Its conical steel burs are made to last a very long time as well. Along with that, its gear is made from thermoplastic, which is 15% of the total, making it sturdy. The rest of the insides are made from plastic; however, built quality has not been compromised.

Other than this, Baratza designs their grind so that they are easily reparable and can be fixed without having you get a new one while saving a lot of money in the long term. 


It is highly important for any machine to have a system that provides ease. Unfortunately, many companies do not consider this, and you almost need good technical knowledge or experience to operate the machine. The encore grinder is easy to use. It has a simple pulse button while the grind setting and power button are on the top. While all the loose ground coffee is caught by the catch bins so you can later easily clean it out. It is also important that you use regular-sized beans for the Encore as it does not handle giant beans well. 

Customer Service

Many grinder companies often forget about their customer after the purchase is made. This is not the case when it comes to Baratza. They are known for always being there for their customers. If you have any problems or queries regarding the operation of your grinder or need for a repair, contact them, and they will go that extra mile for you. They have made their grinders user compatible as well as being consistent with their users on their own as well.


Although the Baratza Encore has incredible things to offer, both quality performance and material, it also has drawbacks like any other coffee grinder.

Firstly, it does not provide espresso. Although it is possible to grind finer to make espresso, it will quickly damage the grinder. Furthermore, an espresso shot is something that is required in almost every other household; thus, the Encore won’t be practical if you are an espresso drinker.

Secondly, it provides very basic functionality only. So, if you are a person who prefers more advanced options to customize his coffee experience, this is not the grinder for you due to the lack of doze controls and timer settings. 

Thirdly, for many users, including my personal experience, the grinder is messy. For example, the extra ground that goes into the bins can be messy when talking out.

Lastly, many users have complained it to be a slow grinder compared to others. Although it is quieter and produces less heat, it takes more time compared to other grinders. 


In conclusion, the Baratza encore is a good choice if you are a beginner looking for an efficient grinder. It provides 40 different grinds to choose from according to your requirements and taste. Due to its slow grinding process, it doesn’t produce a lot of heat, which keeps the beans cool and allows for smooth and quiet functionality. It also promises ease of use as it does not need any technical skills to operate, which is perfect for beginners. Even if you are looking for an excellent introductory level grinder and do not want to spend a fortune, the Baratza Encore can be a good choice as it provides a really fine grind while going easy on the pocket. 

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