Sure, we can use large coffee makers when making coffee for many people, but what if you just want one cup of coffee for yourself? That is precisely when a single-serve coffee maker comes to use! 

A single-serve coffee maker is designed for those people who cannot function without their morning coffee. When you are in a rush and need your morning coffee, single-serve coffee makers can be lifesaving. Giving you the coffee of your choice within minutes, you will never get late for your day, and be ready as ever with that caffeine boost in your veins. A single-serve coffee maker with or without pods is ideal for you if you want a cup of coffee daily but run short of time. 

Large coffee makers take a while and take your time, right? Single-serve coffee makers are perfect for your use when you want a single cup of coffee because they are effective, efficient, and very easy to use while saving you time.

What Are Single-Serve Coffee Makers?

Any machine that will brew one cup for you, be it a travel mug or a small coffee cup, and saves your effort and time is described as a single-serve coffee machine. What may come to your interest is that there are different kinds and types of single-serve coffee makers that are available in the market today. Some categories of single-serve coffee makers are semi-automatic, automatic, person-power appliances, or special brews.

Like any other product, you will want to search for the features you need in these small and handy appliances. To help you find the best model of the single-serve coffee machine, either with or without pods, we spend some time searching and looking for all the different models and comparing their features to collect only the best ones for you.

We mentioned some of the top-most options for you and then provided you a buying guide that will be useful in making a final decision about which single-serve coffee maker will suit you!

Getting A Single-Serve Coffee Maker? Here Is Why You Need One

Have you ever thought about whether it would be wise to invest in a single-serve coffee maker? If you have, we are sure you might have thought that not getting it is a better option as it costs a lot. Well, you may want to think again!

A single-serve coffee maker gives you the ease of making a single cup of coffee when you need it. Just pop in the favorite coffee pod, click some buttons, and there you have it; your coffee is ready! It’s as simple as ABC. In the fast-paced world that we live in, these shortcuts only make our life easier, and this single-serve coffee maker is no less! So, if you still are confused about getting one for yourself, we suggest you the affirmative.

Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

To help you with the decision, we have collected some of the best single-serve coffee makers for you. Here is a list of some of our favorite coffee makers, and we are sure that you will find a suitable one for yourself.

1. Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker

This coffee maker is a perfect choice for you because it has all you need in one place. With a powerful single-serve coffee maker along with a 12-cup coffee-making option, you can brew as much coffee as you like. As the coffee maker filter cup comes with this set, you can enjoy a single-serving coffee with the coffee grounds of your choice.

Cuisinart SS-15CP coffee maker supports a fully automatic and powerful control panel with 24-hour programming, a self-cleaning option, a bold coffee option, a temperature control, and an auto-off button that allows easy brewing of coffee with ease and perfection.

The coffee maker comes with three(3) different recyclable capsules, so you can choose your favorite: medium roast, French vanilla, and dark roast. The best part is that these capsules are recyclable, so simply brew your favorite coffee, cool down the capsule, remove the outer cap, and dispose of it off in the recycle bin because it serves as a perfect compost for your ground!

As the coffee maker has single-serve and multiple service options, the single-serve side comes with a 40 oz removable reservoir for the water to be easily filled. Supporting a removable drip tray, you can easily accommodate your favorite travel mugs there.

Cuisinart coffee maker can make anything from a single-serve coffee to as much as 12-cups of coffee and anything in between like 6, 8, and 10 oz. The machine also supports strength control and is 24-hour programmable. The machine goes off after 4 hours with the auto shut-off function. With the auto-clean function, you can stay free from a load of cleaning your coffee machine every time.

2. Ninja Single-Serve, Pod-Free Coffee Maker Bar With Hot And Iced Coffee

This coffee maker has also been amongst our favorite choices because of its diverse and easy-to-use features. This is a single-serve coffee maker with a built-in frother to brew some of your favorite coffee drinks in the mugs you love.

This Ninja single-serve coffee brewer supports different brew sizes, including cup, XL cup, XL multi-serve, and travel mug, so you can enjoy your coffee in whatever size you want. Using this single-serve coffee maker, you can brew the coffee of your choice in your favorite ever mugs.

With the pod-free single brewing, you can choose whatever brand of coffee you like and manage the amount. And it allows complete customization allowing you to get your favorite coffee drink as you want them. Ninja’s signature brews and their intense flavors take your coffee to the next level.

With the diversity of sizes available in this coffee maker, you can transform cold or hot milk into foamy toppings for all your favorite coffee drinks and on your favorite mugs.

Ninja single coffee maker weighs 11.4 pounds and is a solid black and stainless-steel color with a touchscreen interface, giving you all that you could ask for in a single device. The item dimensions are 12.2 x 11.02 x 16.34 inches.

3. KitchenAid KCM0402CU Personal Coffee Maker

This sleek, elegant, and compact personal coffee maker is a perfect countertop design that brews your favorite coffee in the mugs that you love. All you must do is add water into the removable tank, add in your coffee, and press to start brewing. In a matter of minutes, your coffee is ready! No pods are needed at all.

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Sleek and compact in design, this coffee maker is perfect to be placed anywhere in the kitchen, like on the countertop, because it requires minimum space. You can put it anywhere you want, without worrying about the space. Enjoy coffee with fresh water every time with the removable water tank.

Coffee brewing has never been as easy as a single press of a button! With KitchenAid KCM0402CU personal coffee maker, add in water, your favorite coffee, place your mug under the drip, and just click the button to get your coffee brewing!

Supporting an 18-ounce capacity, this coffee maker has a removable water tank, along with a one-touch brewing system, giving you all that you need. With a thermal carafe, you can enjoy a 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty in case of any faults with the machine.

4. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer For K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip

Sboly single-serve coffee brewer is the perfect coffee maker to get your favorite coffee ready in no time. This personal coffee maker gives you a pure and fresh coffee like none other, giving you all that you need to jumpstart your day. The best part? Your coffee is hot enough to have the cream added to the effectiveness.

As this coffee maker is smaller than others, you can fit it in at any place, whether in the office or the kitchen. With a 2 in 1 brewing function, you can brew coffee using a pod or have it the traditional way! With the simple-side button feature, you can choose between the styles to whatever you want.

Aren’t you tired of having to clean the coffee maker after every use? The auto cleaning button does all the work for you. With the press of two buttons, you can make the machine do its cleaning. If you ever forget to turn your machine off, do not worry! The auto-off function will make it turn off after a cup of coffee is brewed!

Weighing 2.53 pounds, with a set of human interface buttons for use, this single-serve coffee maker is made of plastic and durable stainless steel. This coffee maker brews your coffee in a matter of just 3 minutes, giving you a perfect boost for the day!

5. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

With this Hamilton beach scoop single-serve coffee maker, you can brew your favorite coffee with a single-serve of scoop filter. With the fast-brewing function, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in an 8-ounce cup in less than even 90 seconds! For a travel mug of 14-ounce, you may need to wait for 2.5 minutes, but that isn’t too much, is it? Worth the coffee you get!

With the mesh scoop filter, you will get the coffee grounds of your choice brewed with ease and just how you like it! Hamilton beach single serves coffee maker designs a perfect custom cup as per your choice.

Having a built-in stand for your coffee mugs, the Hamilton beach scoop is durable, made of stainless steel that ensures longevity, and is easy to clean. With amazing features like the auto-shutoff and the spill-resistant tray, you are sure to get the best at the least price.

With this single-serve coffee maker, you get affordability with the best features that you can get in this price range and even more. Since this coffee maker has everything, you do not need any extra equipment to buy, saving you a lot of costs!

Made from durable stainless steel, this single-serve coffee maker weighs 5.25 lbs and has a fluid capacity of around 14 ounces. The machine uses buttons for the human interface. It can brew an 8 oz. cup of coffee in even less than 90 seconds.

6. BLACK+DECKER Coffeemaker

This personal coffee maker is a fast and hassle-free choice to get the perfect morning coffee brewed directly into your mug. To get a perfect start for your day, the machine includes a travel mug to brew your coffee in.

With the permanent grounds filter, you do not need any wasteful paper filters, as the mesh metal filter is perfect to operate with soft pods or grounds. The machine is also easy to use and clean with a simple rinse-off.

The automatic shut-off gives you peace of mind leaving the machine on even after brewing because it will turn off automatically. With the 15 oz stainless steel travel mug, you will get your perfect boots while you are on the run.

The machine’s space-saving design is an ideal choice for small apartments, kitchens, and offices.

Black+Decker coffee maker is a perfect stainless steel design machine, back in color, and supports the human interface of buttons. The machine’s capacity is 0.45 liters, which is enough for you to enjoy your favorite coffee.

Working On A Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Have you ever wondered how a single-serve coffee maker works? How does it convert your raw material inputs into finely brewed coffee? If you have ever wondered, we have the answer for you. The single-serve coffee maker follows a few simple steps for working.

  1. Pouring in the cold water makes it flow through the reservoir from the hole and to the tube.
  2. This water then moves through a one-way valve and into the tube where the heating element is present. And then up through the tubes controlled by the force of gravity.
  3. When you turn the switch on, the heating element of the machine starts to heat the aluminum tube that then heats the water.
  4. When the water starts boiling, the bubbles reach the tube. Like an aquarium filter, the small tube and the big bubble make the water column ride and flow upward on these bubbles.
  5. Flowing through these tubes, the water disperses and drips evenly onto the coffee grounds.
  6. When this hot water flows through the coffee beans, the essence, and their oil move down into the coffee pot.

Buying Guide For Single-Serve Coffee Makers

There are many options for single coffee makers in the market today, and finding the best one is not an easy job. So, we have made it easier for you to use in single-serve other things like iced beverages or tea. You may prefer using a pod-style brewer if you want cappuccinos and lattes, but if you like espresso, there can be other options like Nespresso. When we present the features of single coffee makers, it is noteworthy to consider that these options are constantly improving as time goes by. New single-serve coffee makers come into the market every day. So, before you decide upon what you want, read through a few things that you need to know beforehand. 

Things To Look For In A Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Looking for a good single coffee maker? This can be a challenging task, but we are here to help. Still uncertain about choosing the right one. Let us discuss a few things that you should consider when finding the right single coffee maker.

1. Reusable Filter vs. Single-Use Coffee Pods

Single-serve coffee makers often have store-bought coffee pods, such as small aluminum or plastic cups or K-cups that have a pre-determined amount of ground coffee along with a built-in filter. While these are convenient to use, they can be an expensive option.

While some K-cups are recyclable, more suitable to the environment, and have reusable filters. Soft pods are often found. These have coffee in a teabag-like paper filter that helps in removing the plastic. Alternatively, we have some other coffee makers that use reusable filters to fill the ground coffee. While these are eco-friendly, they should be washed after every use. From these two options of single-serve coffee makers, you can choose the most suitable one for your use.

2. The Water Reservoir

Based on how many coffee servings you take in a day, you should consider the water reservoir capacity because a larger water reservoir would require fewer refills. Talking about refilling, some water reservoirs you will find are removable with handles allowing easy cleaning and refill, but some others may not have water reservoirs, so you will have to measure and add water for your coffee each time. So, based on how much coffee you take in a day, we suggest that you choose a water reservoir for your single-serve coffee maker that suits your need.

3. Brewing Options

We know that there is an excellent variety of single-serve coffee makers out there. While some brew as little as one cup size, others can make up to 16 ounces, e.g., a travel mug. You have multiple choices at hand, ranging from the basic regular or strong coffee brew to other fancy ones liked iced teas. So, depending on what you want to brew, we strongly suggest that you choose a single-serve coffee maker that can give you what you want to brew!

4. The Speed

Do you know what the best part of a single-serve coffee maker is? The speed, exactly. You can easily brew a cup of coffee for yourself. Now when it comes to the speed of the coffee maker, the heating mechanism varies. For those with powerful heating mechanisms, the water can boil quickly, and you can get your brewed coffee within a minute. Some other single-serve coffee makers may require you to heat the water yourself and pour it over. How quickly do you want your coffee? If you want your coffee instantly, we suggest that you get a coffee maker that has a powerful heating mechanism so you can get your coffee in less than a minute!

5. The Size and Space in the Kitchen

While some kitchens will be able to accommodate any coffee maker regardless of the size, others may only have limited space, limiting the size of the single-serve coffee maker that can be added. For correct operation, the single-serve coffee maker needs a secure table or platform to operate efficiently. When buying a single-serve coffee maker, do not ever forget to check how much space you have in the kitchen. Imagine you buy a single-serve coffee maker with everything that you need, only to know that it does not fit in your kitchen? Yes, that could be a problem, so think wisely!

Single-Serve Coffee Makers With vs. Without Pods

Single-serve coffee makers come with or without pods, and you can choose the one you want based on your convenience and need. Pods and capsules are often considered the same, but they are distinct from one another. Coffee capsules are plastic cups, small, and are pierced in the machine before running water through that capsule. These are convenient, and the contents stay fresh as they are sealed. Coffee pods, on the other hand, are round bags containing ground coffee, much like teabags. While they are safer and more biodegradable, they will lose their scent and flavor faster as they are exposed to the air. So, based on your convenience and priority, you can choose the one that goes best for you.

Pros And Cons Of Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Single-serve coffee makers have taken popularity in recent years. These coffee machines are designed to make a single cup of coffee. While it may be considered wrong, there are multiple benefits that you can enjoy.

1. Fresh Coffee

Coffee lovers appreciate the flavor of fresh coffee like none other. One of the main benefits of single-serve coffee machines is that you always get fresh coffee whether you are at home or the workplace.

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2. Convenient

Single-serve coffee makers are convenient to use because they can directly be brewed into the travel mug or coffee that you want it in. This tends to be a suitable option for those who rush for their morning work.

3. Saving Costs

Since one cup is brewed at a time, it saves the cost by using less coffee, in contrast to brewing full pots.

4. Variety

Single-serve coffee makers allow you to experiment with different coffee types, from various flavors to different tastes; you can be your adventurer.

5. Easy to Clean

As a fact, a single-serve coffee maker is much easier to clean than a bigger-sized coffee maker. Also, the common drip-style makes less mess than would have otherwise been the case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have read it this far, you have known much about single-serve coffee makers, but here are some things that may be useful. Some questions may come to your mind as you decide, so we have compiled the answers to your queries.

Q1. How are coffee capsules and coffee pods different?

The main difference is that while pods are disk-shaped and made of paper, capsules are made of either aluminum or plastic.

Q2. What is it that makes single-serve coffee makers worth the money?

Single-serve coffee makers are a perfect option for you if you always rush to work and have less time on your hands. With these coffee makers, there is no mess and no cleaning needed.

Q3.  How much will a single-serve coffee machine cost?

A single-serve coffee maker’s price will vary between $75 to $500. This price varies based on the features that the machine offers. Generally, K-cups are more affordable. However, just because something is expensive does not necessarily mean that its quality is guaranteed.

Q4. How much time will it take to brew one cup of coffee?

No one is a patient coffee drinker, and everyone asks this question once, if not more. This time is taken to brew 5 years, if not more.

Q8. How often will I have to clean my coffee maker?

After each use, you should clean your coffee maker by removing the grounds and then clean your lid, carafe, and brew-basket thoroughly. Descaling and deep cleaning should be done almost every three months.

Q9. How will I know that my coffee is ready?

You will have to wait till the coffee is brewed before you can pour it. Some coffee makers have a pause option allowing you to pause and pour coffee between the brewing process.

Q10. Can I brew my coffee with milk in place of water?

Most enthusiasts will prefer a splash of water in their coffee, but you can surely go for milk if you like. You can simply swap your water instead of milk.

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