A French Press coffee maker is a fun and unique way to make your everyday coffee. It’s also a good choice if you’re trying to reduce costs because it doesn’t require additional equipment. In addition, the machine has a simple construction which means that there are no complicated parts to break or replace, which can often become an issue with other kinds of coffee makers.

This French Press Coffee Maker is made of 100% stainless steel. It features an average capacity, measuring 34 oz., which can easily brew four cups of coffee without ever getting overheated. In addition, the plunger has a fine screen that will filter out any grinds or residue, guaranteeing your coffee is always smooth and free of gritty taste. 

The design of this machine is so simple and easy to use, but it also makes the best-tasting coffee. It’s perfect for beginners who want to make coffee because you will never mess up with it. This machine has multiple advantages, but if you are looking for something flashy or complicated, then this isn’t the product for you. Moreover, you need to take care of its sharp edges and red stickers to keep it longer.

Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker:  https://www.amazon.com/French-Press-Coffee-Maker-Stainless/dp/B01J4O0T4E
Brand Cafe Du Chateau
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
Capacity  2.1 Pounds

The Brew Quality: Cafe du Chateau Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A somewhat strong beer was created by the Cafe du Chateau. Although it is easy to drink and has good filtering, the flavour is not complex, and the aftertaste is not very rounded.


The Cafe du Chateau had a relatively poor bouquet after 18 hours of brewing despite a reasonable brew ratio of 1:8. However, the bouquet did have a distinctly earthy scent. Overall, there wasn’t much intricacy, and the sweetness was hardly audible.


We diluted the concentrate using a water to coffee ratio of one to one, taking into account the brew ratio. The final serving was easy to drink, but there was nothing particularly rounded or gratifying about the aftertaste. It had a distinct roasted flavour that was also a little earthy, but it lacked personality. Overall, the brew from the Cafe du Chateau was passable to good but unexceptional.


We decanted the Cafe du Chateau’s contents after letting the concentration settle. Overall, the 304 stainless steel laser-cut filter performed a good job. There wasn’t much silt, and the most of it was fine with a few little, powdery grains. All things considered, it appeared that the filter wasn’t porous enough to generate a drink of great quality.

Design and Functionality: Cafe du Chateau Cold Brew Coffee Maker

High quality materials are used to create the appealing and enduring Cafe du Chateau. Although the product arrived in a styrofoam jacket in the box, there are absolutely no plastics present. But the general design didn’t exactly win us over.

The Brew decanter

The brew decanter appears and feels like a sturdy, long-lasting item. On closer inspection, it does have several shortcomings. For starters, we thought it was a little weighty even when empty. For a test pour, we filled the decanter with water, and it poured quite heavily. The grip was also a little slick, and it felt off balance. The glass decanter is supposed to be able to separate from the stainless steel sleeve, but we saved this for the cleaning stage because it was challenging to do so.


With the filter attachment removed, the stopper is quite loose but has an airtight seal when brewing. The silicone seal is also of poor quality overall, being highly spongy and susceptible to deformation.


The filter has a “lifetime warranty” and is composed of laser-cut stainless steel of grade 304. It seemed to have been well-machined, and the edges were not jagged. The silicone seal around the filter top, like the decanter lid, was, however, of lesser quality. The filter did, however, enable a really respectable brew to develop, and the resulting sediment didn’t call for further decanting.

Build Quality

Although the design is poorly executed, the materials utilised, with the exception of the silicone sealing, are typically of acceptable quality. The brewer is difficult to handle in general, has a poorly built lid and seals, and is poorly balanced for pouring. Overall, this has been one of the cold coffee brewers we have worked with the least and will definitely end up collecting dust on the shelf.

Ease to Use: Cafe du Chateau Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Cafe du Chateau cold brew coffee maker’s brewing process was straightforward. Except for the fact that it took some work to remove the filter, decanting was simple. The brew decanter did not split from the stainless steel jacket as stated, and the clumsy silicone seals were an inconvenience.


The Cafe du Chateau has certain distinctive features in both its design and brewing. There is no need to measure since you simply fill the filter with grounds until it is about 1 cm (less than 12 inch) below the top.

After that, you slowly pour water through the grinds without fully inserting the filter. Water may be poured very easily into the filter thanks to its upper chamber. You must wait for water to soak through the filter since it is so fine. It takes some time to pour the final 200 cc of water.

You fully insert the filter unit and cap once the water has drained to just below the 1-liter threshold. Silicone seals perform admirably despite their unwieldy shape. We were eager to see how the brewing process turned out overall because it appeared extremely sound.


As with all comparable immersion brew filters, all we had to do was take the filter out and set it in a glass to collect the liquid that was still inside. With the filter still in place, the stopper detaches. You’ll need to tightly grip the filter, twist, and pull firmly to dislodge the stopper.

In addition, when the filter unit is taken out, the decanter lid doesn’t fit as tightly.As a result, your refrigerator can start to smell like coffee, and the concentrate might oxidise and degrade more quickly.

You should get about 700 ml of cold brew coffee concentrate after filter and grounds are removed. The filter and grounds are used to make up the difference during brewing, resulting in an overall volume of 900 ml (30 fl oz).

Cleaning and Storage

It’s simple enough to clean the Cafe du Chateau filter. Utilise a common non-abrasive sponge. The edges of the filter are smooth and reachable to the bottom. It’s simple to get into the decanter itself.

The stainless steel jacket of the glass decanter can be completely removed, according to the user handbook. But we could not remove the decanter, not even after running under hot water. We failed to successfully separate the parts because we were trying to avoid using too much force that would have broken the glass or hurt us.

Everything but the silicone seals can be put in the dishwasher.The brewer can be kept in its whole after drying. It looks excellent on a counter and should fit easily into a typical cabinet or shelf space. When the decanter is not in use, the filter can be stored on its own and stand upright.

Wrapping Up

A cold brew coffee maker with a twist is The Cafe du Chateau. We like the materials’ superior quality and French-press design. The design, however, had many shortcomings, including an imbalanced weight, inadequate grip, and a troublesome silicone seal. In addition, even though a strong enough brew was made, the flavour lacked depth and excitement. There are more cost-effective options available if you’re looking for the best cold brew coffee machine.



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