For coffee and tea lovers, a single cup of their favorite drink is enough to cheer those nerves in the morning and during stress. Do you ever think what is more tempting in the tea or coffee that relieves our nerves and provides relaxation after working for an hour?

Tea and coffee contain many ingredients, but the one that makes the person habitual is caffeine in these products.

It is present not only in drinks but also in most of the products of daily use.

Caffeine acts as a natural stimulant and helps in staying alert.

But do you know the excess amount of caffeine is not safe for humans? You may also get decaf coffee to keep yourself away from health risks.

It may lead to cancer and many other diseases. For the people who love taking tea or coffee, here is a brief comparison of the quantity of caffeine in both of these.

It will help them to decide what is good for their health and what is not.

What Is The Safe Amount of Caffeine

What Is The Safe Amount of Caffeine

According to experts, about 400mg/day, 200mg/dose, and 1.4mg/weight caffeine is safe for adults. If the amount exceeds this value, it will cause many severe issues, including heart attack due to less buildup of calcium in arteries, restlessness, anxiety, low blood pressure, cell-damaging, and many skin problems too.

How Much Caffeine Is In Tea?

How Much Caffeine Is In Tea?

Tea is extracted from the tea leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant, which is the only tea plant species from which all tea types including black tea, white tea, and green tea are manufactured. The leaves of the tea plant usually have more caffeine than the final product. This difference is due to processing. Different kinds of tea have different amounts of caffeine in them. The quantity of caffeine in different types of tea is as;

  • An average cup of black tea has 47mg-90mg,
  • Green tea contains 20-45mg, and
  • White tea contains about 6-60mg of caffeine.

The tea that is processed and has tiny grains contains less amount of caffeine. The traditional tea of South America obtained from the Ilex paraguariensis plant delivers about 85mg caffeine/ cup.

How Much Caffeine is in Coffee?

Coffee contains more quantity of caffeine as compared to tea. It is the greatest dietary source of caffeine. Coffee is manufactured from dark-roasted beans, baked beans, and lightly roasted beans. The coffee of lightly roasted beans usually has less amount of caffeine. The other concentrated source of caffeine is brewed and Espresso. The amount of caffeine in different kinds of coffee products is as;

  • A brewed cup has about 70-140mg of caffeine, while the average amount is about 90mg.
  • Espresso contains more amount of caffeine, but per serving, its amount tends to be small. It has about 63mg of caffeine on average, and a shot of espresso is about 30-50ml. 
  • The espresso-based drinks have about 63mg in single, and 125mg of caffeine is present in the double drinks. 
  • Instant coffee is obtained from spray-dried brewed coffee with 30-90mg caffeine that is less than a regular cup of coffee.
  • Decaf coffee contains a less caffeine amount, ranging from 0-7mg, and an average cup contains 3mg of caffeine.

For further details, you may check the calories in a cup of coffee.

From this comparison, you can decide well what is good for you, a coffee or tea. It is better to keep your favorite drink moderate. It will protect your health from maximum risk of life.

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