The Chemex pour-over glass coffee maker is a classic design that has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite today. The Chemex is a unique coffee maker that produces a clean and rich tasting brew where all the oils and sediments are left behind.

A Chemex pour-over glass coffee maker is a glass, cone-shaped device with a paper filter. The glass is shaped like an hourglass and sits on a wooden or marble holder called a “stem”. It is made up of borosilicate glass that is non-porous and doesn’t absorb chemicals present in coffee. After you pour coarsely ground coffee into top of the glass, add hot water and allow it to steep for 3 minutes before running it through the filter and into your mug. One of the most amazing things about this maker is that you can refrigerate coffee in it and reheat it, it will not lose the taste.

It is an environmentally friendly glass design with a low-profile shut-off filter cone for pouring water over the coffee grounds. This is recommended for you if you are fond of unique things. However, the glass is very deliberate and requires much care in handling.

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee maker – Classic Series 
Brand Chemex
Material Glass
 Color transparent
Capacity  700 milliliter
Item weight  1.3 pounds 
Item dimensions  9.6x 6.4x 1.3 inches

Things To Take Into Account Before Purchasing A Drip Pot Like The Chemex

For being “weak” in comparison to its très fort cousin espresso, drip coffee frequently receives a bad rap. A proper drip pot brew is nothing to joke about, even though that may be the case at your neighbourhood Waffle House.

A pour-over dripper and a carafe are basically what make up a drip pot. It is, in other words, pure genius. With a few minor exceptions, they function similarly to any standard pour over brewer: heat water (whether it’s on a gas burner or in an electric kettle), slowly pour hot water into the coffee grounds and in a few minutes, you will have fantastic coffee.

Pour-over coffee machines are perfect for someone who prefers manual drip coffee but wants something more all-inclusive. They are also perfect for someone with a few more mouths to caffeinate because they frequently come in greater sizes than most pour-overs.

A drip pot like this one is not the best option if you want a simple, quick way to prepare coffee. Although they are simple to use, they do take some time and focus. Think about a French press or an automatic dripper as alternatives to a drip pot.

Design and Appearance: Aesthetic Appeal

Do you own any contemporary artwork? If not, here is a quick fix for that issue: obtain a Chemex. Its hand-blown beauty is more than just an opinion; it is a proven reality, despite the fact that that could sound like a corny advertising tagline. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City has this elegant pour-over on permanent exhibit.

Do you know any coffee-loving artists? No present is more appropriate than this. You should put this coffee machine in the centre of your kitchen. Its design is mostly functional but also amusing and understated. It simply exudes simple utilitarianism, similar to a third-wave Swedish coffee shop.

But a beautiful coffee machine that is incapable of producing quality coffee is nothing more than a dust collector. Thankfully, the Chemex is capable of producing some of the most delectable coffee your tongue has ever had the pleasure of meeting. It is more than just a beautiful piece. Chemex has you covered, no matter how much coffee you need. These coffee makers let you choose between a 3-cup, 6-cup, 8-cup, or even 10-cup brewer.

Easy Usage

The Hario V60, one of the most well-known coffee makers for pour-over coffee, and the Chemex share a significant design element. A large aperture can be found at the dripper cone’s base, the same as with the V60. The Chemex lacks any barriers to prevent water flow that other pour-over brewers have, such as a cloth filter or a series of tiny holes in the base.

Because of the Chemex’s big orifice, controlling water flow is more dependent on other factors like pouring and grind size. This indicates that, in comparison to other coffee makers, you have more control over the coffee’s quality.

The Chemex is more adaptable as a result of this feature. You can customise each brew to highlight the subtle differences between various roasts by adjusting the other aspects of your process (particularly the grind size).

About the Brew Control Ability

Now let’s talk about the half-point reduction: Unlike any other filters we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot of filters), the Chemex uses patented, double-bonded paper filters that are thicker. On the one hand, bigger filters decrease the drawdown, which enhances flavour extraction during coffee brewing. They also remove part of the polyphenols, which are the elements of brewed coffee that give it its bitterness.

 The Chemex is renowned for its deep, rich coffee flavour, which is a result of these Chemex filters. So why deduct 0.5 points from this gorgeous object? It’s not intended for the Chemex brewing technique to yield the same exhilarating, vibrant flavours as a Hario V60. The Chemex undoubtedly won’t satisfy your craving for pyrotechnically brilliant fruit flavours if third-wave African and Central American light roasts are your thing. The third wave wasn’t even on the horizon when the Chemex was created, 25 years before the second-wave coffee industry began in 1966. 


The Chemex coffee maker is the oldest pour-over brewer still in use. The Chemex is a really great brewer, thus its timeless design has endured in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. You can fine-tune each step of your procedure using this adaptable coffee maker. It enables you to customise each drink to your own tastes with a variety of models to select from, including the all-glass Chemex Handblown with its arc-shaped integral glass handle. You can experience something very remarkable after you find the ideal degree of medium-coarse ground coffee.


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