Cuisinart is an American company with different products, including coffee makers. One of their most popular models is the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1. It has a sleek design and has a brushed stainless steel finish.

Its features include a 24-hour programmable timer, a compact size, and a glass carafe that’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. It allows the user to select between regular and strong coffee flavors by pressing a button. One of the best features is the water window that makes filling the reservoir quick and accurate.

Once you’re ready to brew, just press the Brew Pause button and enjoy a cup of coffee while it pauses. It is a perfect pick with a large capacity of 14 cups of coffee. The touch screen control system makes it more adorable and easy to use with a 0-4 hour auto-off system.

It needs to be taken care of while purchasing because the plate rusted too fast and early. However, some people complain about small pouring areas for water that cause a lot of problems while pouring it. This product works perfectly for more than 3 years.

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1
Brand Cuisinart
Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel
Capacity  236.6 milliliters / 14 cups
Item weight  8.75 pounds 
Item dimensions  7.75 x 9 x 14 inches

Features of the Drip Coffee Maker Cuisinart DCC 3200.

Given its cost, the Cuisinart DCC 3200 Perfectemp 14 cup coffee maker has a lot of nice features. The inner showerhead design that uniformly distributes the water over the coffee grinds is one of my favourites. Thus, the coffee grounds around the filter’s borders are not simply missed by water that simply flows down the filter’s middle.

Additionally, I like that I can make smaller batches of coffee rather than a whole pot every time. But let’s be honest, if something is this simple and can be set up the night before, who is going to refuse to brew a whole pot of wonderful coffee?

Overview of Brew Pause Technology

Brew Pause technology is another function of the DCC 3200. When you are unable to wait for the coffee to finish brewing because you are in a coffee coma, use the Brew Pause option. The trickle of coffee stops when the carafe is taken off the hot plate, allowing you to pour yourself a cup.

However, you need to act quickly! Make sure the carafe is put back in position because the coffee will continue to brew in around 20 seconds. Just be aware that coffee extraction is prone to becoming inconsistent when employing Brew Pause technology. While the final cup or two may be underextracted, the first cup of coffee that goes into the pot is likely to be overextracted.

Brew Strength

The Cuisinart DCC Perfectemp 3200, as I already indicated, has many brew strengths. You can pick between a regular strength or bold strength brew conveniently using the settings on the front of the device.

If you buy coffee beans and they don’t end up being as strong as you prefer, having the option to choose the strength of your coffee is a terrific choice. Alternatively, if you were up way past your bedtime the night before working on a project for work and you need a serious wake-up call the next day. If so, choose the bold setting during the brewing setup to make the ideal cup of stronger coffee.

Control Panel

The blue backlit LCD screen is bright and easy to use, and the control panel is clear. The buttons for setting the time, scheduling a brew cycle in advance, and turning on and off the Ready Tone are all located around the display.

Some folks don’t like it when their coffee maker makes a Star Wars-style beeping noise. Others discover that it can frighten and cause their pets to bark. Of course, some individuals enjoy the beeping sound their coffee maker makes when their morning caffeine dose is ready for consumption. Whatever the situation, having the ability to turn the Ready Tone on and off is helpful.

Buttons and Functions

There are buttons to manage the behaviour of the brewing process underneath the display cluster. When you need to describe your machine as a result of the impacts of hard water, the Clean button will turn red. It’s an important feature to have on a drip coffee maker, particularly if you don’t clean it on a regular basis.

The Bold button then changes your coffee’s flavour from regular to one that is more strong. This is excellent in the event that you receive a new variety of coffee that may be a little weaker than you anticipated. Alternatively, if you prefer a little more oomph to kick off your day. Of course, the Brew/Off button regulates the coffee maker’s power. For further security, there is an auto-off option.

You can immediately brew a pot using the brew button or switch the machine off using the toggle. Instead, you would use the Auto On button to programme your brew to begin at a specified time in the future. More to follow on that. The last button on the control panel, meanwhile, only prepares a portion of the pot’s worth of coffee. If you intended to brew fewer than five cups, you would select this option.

Glass Carafe

When it comes to carafes, the one that is included with the Cuisinart 14 Cup Coffee Maker is a typical tempered glass carafe. It has a slightly larger capacity than the typical twelve cups of other coffee makers, holding fourteen cups of freshly brewed bliss. With the 3200, you can use a warmer plate to change the carafe’s temperature. Low, medium, and high are the available options.

Setting the ideal temperature for how you want to sip your coffee is the idea behind an adjustable warming plate. For instance, someone who prefers coffee with milk is likely to add cold milk, which would reduce the temperature. They may make their coffee hotter to equalise the temperature in this situation thanks to the warmer plate.

Program Function Drip Coffee Maker Cuisinart DCC 3200.

Let’s go on to discussing programme functions now. The Cuisinart DCC 3200 Perfectemp 14 cup programmable coffee maker allows you to set the brewing time up to 24 hours in advance. For someone who is as busy as I am in the mornings, that is incredibly beneficial.

Furthermore, setup is simple. You start by adding your coffee, filter, and water. Next, press the Programme button and type the time you want your coffee to begin brewing. Oh, and before you press the Auto On button to schedule the brew, be sure to check the AM and PM. If you followed the instructions correctly, the Auto On button will glow blue to indicate the programme is running.


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