ESPRO P1 French Press – Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee and Tea Maker
Material Stainless steel
Color Brushed Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.35 liters
Item Weight 0.76 pounds
Item dimensions 2.83 x 2.83 x 8.06 inches

The ESPRO French press coffee maker is designed especially for those people who want to enjoy a cup of good-tasting coffee when they are on their travel journeys. Unlike others, the double micro-filter supported by the coffee maker ensures you get rich, deep flavored coffee without any grinds of grit. This beautiful, double-walled stainless steel coffee maker is ready for camping.

The double-walled, insulated stainless steel cup keeps your coffee steaming hot for several hours. This coffee maker will never break or leak, so you don’t have to ever worry about that.

As soon as you press the extraction button, the machine will stop, therefore ensuring that you get every sip tasting perfect. You can rest assured about the durability of the product, and you will get a perfect friend for a lifetime with this coffee maker. It supports a 10oz capacity for coffee and has an elegant brushed stainless steel look. It is also designed as being BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free. ESPRO P1 French press is also dishwasher safe, so just put it in the top-rack of the dishwasher and wash it easily after each brew. Finally, it is designed in four elegant finishes including matte black, matte white, brushed stainless steel, and matte grey, so you can choose whichever you like!

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Overview of ESPRO P1 French Press Double Wall Stainless Insulated Coffee and Tea Maker

For those who enjoy French presses on the go, the ESPRO Travel Coffee Press P1 is a game-changer. Every trace of sludge and grit is eliminated using a proprietary double filter that is 9–12 times more precise than a typical French press filter. Additionally, the ESPRO provides paper filters that are put in between the two microfilters for an even cleaner end product by absorbing any oils and other solids that the microfilters by themselves would have otherwise let through. Your French press skills will undoubtedly advance with this bad guy. The double filter’s primary drawback is that it takes up a lot of room inside the press.

About the Brew Features ESPRO P1 French Press Double Wall Stainless Insulated Coffee and Tea Maker

The ESPRO requires slightly more work to brew than a regular French press, but not significantly more. Either without a paper filter in between each piece, or with one, the double filter must be appropriately assembled. The next step is the same as it would be with any other press: add your grinds, and some water, stir, cap it, and wait.

The tight fit that completely separates the grinds and stops extraction requires more force to press the plunger on this device than on most other presses. When it’s done, you have the option of pouring your beverage into another mug or drinking it directly from the lid, but use caution as it will stay hot for a while!

The entire container can be sealed with the leak-proof cover and saved for subsequent use. So many choices! Although this is a portable press, one complaint from internet customers is that you actually can’t add milk or sugar unless you dump your beverage into another container. This works best for people who like their coffee black for that reason, though you could add sugar to the grounds and steep it all at once.

Taste of ESPRO P1 French Press Coffee Maker

We now have a spotless cup of wonderful French press coffee! In our taste testing, the ESPRO P1 was almost as good as some of the most advanced brewers we had under consideration. We are absolutely awestruck! Two filters included with the P1 are purportedly 9–12 times more precise than a conventional French press filter.

This implies that additional grit and sediment are removed from your cup because the second filter collects any that the first one missed. After taste test after taste test, this machine’s brew was consistently rated as the best or among the best. We like that our coffee still had some of the oils, which French press drinkers adore, while also getting rid of all the awful sludge that usually goes up in the last pour.

In case all of that wasn’t enough, the ESPRO additionally provides paper filters for those who want a pour-over-like flavour that is pure and vibrant. Just sandwich a round filter in between the two mesh filters and brew as usual. There was not a single issue with our findings.

Ease Usage of Coffee Maker

This brewer is a little more complex than a typical French press, as was already explained. However, if you understand how it works, as with any system, it’s really simple. Cleaning is the biggest concern that can cause French presses to operate slowly. It is challenging to remove all the grinds from this vessel’s tall, narrow design; it works best if water is available for a rinse.

Even if a paper filter was used, water is still required to rinse both filters.  To get mostly clean on any of our other models with paper filters, you simply lift the filter out and throw it away. The ESPRO truly isn’t the best coffee maker for backpacking or for long car-camping adventures in the desert because it takes a few extra steps and a little more water to get cleaned up for round two. This is a great method for making good coffee, though, if you have access to enough water.

Group Cooking

For one user at a time, this device works best. While you can pour the 10 ounces out and produce more, the system is contained within a travel mug designed for one person. One benefit of the ESPRO P1 is that if you and your crew need to move rapidly, you can keep some extra coffee hot for hours on end. Although it will only be 10 ounces, sometimes it can make all the difference when you are hankering for a tiny bit extra caffeine on the trail or in the car.

Portability of ESPRO P1 French Coffee Maker

You can carry your brew on the go with this press’s leak-proof travel cup design. The superior filtering system will prevent your brew from being bitter or over-extracted, and the double-wall vacuum insulated sides will ensure that it stays warm for hours. The P1 is slender and elegant, and it may easily fit in a cup holder or bag pocket.

There are more parts than with other alternatives, but they all fit together tightly, reducing the likelihood that you’ll lose anything. Unfortunately, its weight makes it less suitable for backpacking, but its small design makes it a fantastic car camping or travel brewer, and there is an ultralight version available if you need to cut your ounces in half.

Weight and Value

This is quite a heavy item at 12.3 ounces. We are aware that the weight of this press makes it less ideal for backpacking, but it is ideal for vehicle camping. Check out the ultralight version if the weight gives you the shakes. Even yet, if you are willing to make an exception for a good cup of French press coffee, it might be feasible for travelling.

Although the ESPRO P1 is expensive, it provides excellent value for the money. All in one, you get a great press and a leak-proof, insulated travel mug. If you enjoy a properly cleaned French press, are frequently on the go, and value having the option to rebrew later in the day, wherever you are, the ticket price is worthwhile.

Wrapping Up

The ESPRO P1 provides exceptional flavour in addition to a wide range of other characteristics that are simple to appreciate. Being fully leakproof, it serves as a portable travel mug that keeps its contents heated for hours. This is a top-notch choice that provides superb flavour, while being hefty and difficult to clean. This is an excellent alternative for car camping and travel for people who want a French press but don’t want sludge or grit in their cup.


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