Successful recipes like a hot cup of brewed coffee often require the right tools to make them come alive, like the Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee. It has an internal warming heater that keeps coffee tasting fresh and flavorful for up to 12 hours after brewing, keeping the taste even and not burnt or scorched. 

The Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee has a built-in coffee grinder and brews up to 12 cups in less than a minute. You can brew both fresh ground coffee or use pre-ground coffee. The unit is also programmable, which allows you to wake up with the smell of freshly brewed coffee. In addition, it has an easy-to-read water tank and cup measurements on the front panel. Many coffee makers offer this feature, but Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee maker has exceptional quality. 

In a time when coffee makers have become more and more complicated, some people find themselves with a need for a coffee maker that is simple and easy to use. The Carafe from Hamilton Beach eliminates the carafe and replaces it with fast, easy dispensing. There’s no pouring required – just pour in your grounds, add water, and push the brew button. However, some people complain about leaking water and difficulty programming the machine.


Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee
Brand Hamilton Beach
Material Stainless Steel
 Color Black chrome color
Capacity  12 cups
Item weight  14.4 ounces
Item dimensions  11.03x 8.19x 15.15 inches

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