According to Sir James Mackintosh, “the power of the man’s mind is directly proportional to the cup of coffee he drinks.” Although coffee is not the most favorite drink in the world, still then it has a huge fan base. It is the most favorite drink of writers and young people.

According to research conducted by NCA, during 2021, the rate of coffee drinkers is high, and in America, about 64% of adults consume coffee daily. Do most coffee lovers remain confused about the shelf life of coffee beans? It is frequently asked, that how long coffee beans last as on most of the coffee packets, the expiry of coffee beans is mentioned. They want to confirm how long they can use coffee beans. 

Coffee beans are a rich source of antioxidants, fats, sugar, and caffeine. A single coffee bean contains about 5-10 gm of caffeine that means coffee beans are safe for eating and tea. Coffee with roasted beans is more delicious than any other coffee bean. It is amazing to know that coffee beans have no shelf life. They never expire but they lose their freshness. It is true that for a delicious cup of coffee it is necessary to have quality and fresh beans because without these two you can’t get a taste. To maintain the taste and flavor it is necessary to preserve them in the best way to protect them from being tasteless. So, the shelf life of whole beans depends on their method of preservation.

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How Long Do Whole Coffee Beans Last?

Coffee Beans Last?

Why Do Coffee Beans Lose Their Taste?

Why Do Coffee Beans Lose Their Taste?

Coffee beans are porous, and they continuously release CO2 that is termed degassing. Once they properly lose carbon dioxide, they start absorbing oxygen and moisture. After oxidation, they lose their flavor, aroma, and freshness, and they are considered expired. It is observed that dark roasted beans oxidize at a higher rate than lightly roasted beans. Therefore to enjoy it with full taste, their preservation method matters a lot.

For fresh taste, it is necessary to protect them from air, moisture, and light exposure. Preserve the roasted coffee beans in that air-tight container and then place them in a proper dry environment.

Make sure if they are preserved in a transparent container then they should have less exposure to light. Place them in a cool area, such as in a freezer, as it will extend their life. Avoid keeping them nearing heat objects and the oven.

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