Coffee is a versatile and universal drink that almost everyone loves. While there are several ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee, some things will always stay the same. How do you make the perfect cup of coffee? What usually seems like a very simple question, may not be as simple as it seems. Once you know the answer, you’ll always end up making the perfect cup of coffee every time! No bad-tasting coffee, ever. 

The question remains, what amount of coffee beans is just right for your cup of coffee? How many coffee beans are needed for one cup? Let’s find out!

Coffee Beans For One Cup 

Coffee Beans For One Cup 

If you want the perfect cup of coffee, it’s necessary to focus on the details. While there are several factors in play, the most important factor remains the number of coffee grounds added per cup. Using too little or too much coffee beans may waste your efforts. How do you know what amount of coffee to add? How do you measure your coffee? What’s the average size of a coffee cup? 

What’s The Size Of A Cup Of Coffee? 

Before considering how much coffee should be added per cup, you must have an idea of what you mean by a cup. The cup of coffee in baking will differ from the cup used in making coffee. Talking about a cup of coffee, it usually measures to be 150 milliliters or 5 fluid ounces. While your coffee cup size may vary, the standard used is 5 fluid ounces. 

What Is The Golden Ratio?

What Is The Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio is defined by the SCAA, the specialty coffee association of America as being between 1:15 to 1:18 ratio that is the coffee ground in grams to water (ml) volume. Using this calculation, we can say that for a cup of 150ml, we need around 8.3g of coffee that measures 1.6 tablespoons. 

While the best coffee ratio is dependent on your taste, the golden ratio is defined as a standard for the perfect cup of coffee. 

How Many Beans Per Coffee Cup?

Still, wondering about the number of beans per coffee cup? Using the golden ratio rule above, the answer to that is roughly 70 beans of coffee. None of us have the patience of counting coffee beans for making a cup of coffee. That’s why we measure out the coffee amount based on the number of teaspoons or in grams. 

How To Measure Your Coffee Beans?

How To Measure Your Coffee Beans

When measuring coffee beans in grams, the best way is to use a kitchen scale. Set a container and add in the coffee beans. The tare button is available on most kitchen scales that will minus the weight of the container and give you the weight of your coffee beans. Here are a few steps to measure coffee beans using a kitchen scale. 

  1. First set a plastic container or bowl on the kitchen scale.
  2. Next, click the tare/zero button to nullify the weight of the container. 
  3. Slowly start adding the coffee beans to the container and check the display number on the kitchen scale.
  4. When you reach the desired number of ounces/grams of coffee beans needed, stop pouring more beans. 
  5. Finally, add them into the grinder and grind them before adding them to the coffee maker. If you want a stronger brew, go for smaller coffee grounds.

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Every Time! 

Who doesn’t love coffee? With several ways to brew a cup of coffee, what is the key to a perfect cup? What are the things that count in making a perfect cup of coffee? One thing that matters in brewing the perfect cup of coffee is the amount of coffee added, as mentioned above. Apart from that, other things also count. Consider these rules to brew a perfect cup of coffee every time. 

1. Make Your Coffee With Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans 

Make Your Coffee With Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

If you have ever tasted coffee made from freshly roasted beans, you will never go back to pre-packaged market coffee. The rich coffee flavor achieved by freshly roasted beans is unbeatable and out of this world. So to get a perfect cup of coffee every time, make sure to always use freshly roasted coffee beans.

2. Grind Your Coffee Beans Before Brewing The Coffee 

Grind Your Coffee Beans Before Brewing The Coffee

When you grind your coffee beans just before brewing, it ensures that the rich trapped flavor is exposed just before the brew. If you grind coffee beans beforehand, they may eventually lose their richness over time. Hence, to achieve the best-brewed cup of coffee it’s necessary that you grind your coffee beans right before making the coffee. 

3. Keep The Water Temperature Accurate 

Keep The Water Temperature Accurate

While extremely hot water can burn your coffee, water that is too cold will not be able to extract the rich flavor from the beans. Hence, to get the perfect cup of coffee, you need to ensure that the water is just at the right temperature. For a perfect brew, the ideal temperature falls between 90 to 95 degrees celsius.


Achieving the perfect cup of coffee every time is never an easy job. It is one that requires perfection at every step. Several factors count in brewing the perfect cup, one of which is the number of beans to be added per cup. Based on the measurements above, we see what number is suited to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. While the measurement of coffee beans stands as an essential factor, other factors cannot be overlooked. These include the water temperature and the freshness of the coffee beans. Finally, if you want to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time, make sure to use a kitchen scale to measure the amount of coffee needed, and follow the other guidelines given above. Whether you believe it or not, these factors surely affect the flavor and richness of your coffee. 

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