Chemex espresso is my favourite method for making espresso toward the beginning of the day. My better half and I have made our morning espresso in a Chemex for 6+ years. It’s fast, simple, and IMO makes the best espresso. Chemex is our most loved multi-cup brew strategy. Chemex channels are 20-30% heavier (more spongy) to eliminate unfortunate residue particles and oils, delivering a cleaner, better espresso mug. Chemex filters are easier to clean than a paper coffee filter.


Why Choose a Chemex Brewer?

Chemex filters are easy to clean. Produces a cleaner, faster espresso than a Chemex without the filter. Brews are easy enough for an inexperienced barista to brew consistently. Chemex filters are well-priced. We brew coffee using Chemex filters a few times a week, and we’ve purchased hundreds of filters over the years. Chemex filters are not fine enough to be placed directly into an espresso machine.

Instead, you will need to place the Chemex filter in a double boiler with water beforehand, placing the double boiler on top of a larger pot with boiling water inside. Remember to turn off the heating element when inserting Chemex filters; it’s very cranky and will ruin your brew. If you’re doing a lot of brewing at once, brewing times may vary from one cup batch to another because of varying grind amounts and brew times.

What you’ll Need:

A Chemex brewer and Chemex filters to go with it. (For this entry, we’ll use the Chemex coffeemaker and two different sizes of “Chemex Original” coffee filters.) Optional: A scale to weigh and mark individual filter packs. A timer or stopwatch. When you get started, start by weighing a small pack of Chemex coffee filters for approximately 50-70 grams (1.8 – 2.4 oz).

Try to use more than one filter per brew. Place the filters in a light-tight container (such as a Zip-Loc plastic bag) with enough room for adequate air circulation. Minimise the air space by placing an empty coffee cup on top of weighing the filter packs. Weigh each filter pack at least twice before squeezing in the coffee. Without a scale, we took our fingers to estimate approximately 50 grams for each filter pack.

The next step is to mark all your filters per brew with either a black marker or low odour marker such as Sharpie. Marking with a black marker will make it easy to tell whether they have been used and still need re-wetting. Marking with a low odour marker will allow you to remove the used filter pack without ruining your brewing process.

The Chemex Brewing Process:

A Chemex brewer requires less water for the brewing system. Unlike a traditional pour-over process, a Chemex does not require percolator baskets. The Chemex brewer works like a syphon, pulling and pumping (not pushing) the ground coffee to the top of the chamber.

Steps to make a perfect cup of coffee with a Chemex filter:

  1.  Place a 1/2 cup measuring cup under the filter basket and put it in position. Pour water over grinds into measuring cups so that it is level with them if brewing more than one cup at a time.
  2. Slowly pour hot water over grinds and ground coffee until the measuring cup is full.
  3.  The water should be hot enough to boil in seconds. If it takes longer, add more water.
  4.  Once the grinding and brewing are complete, allow Chemex to rest for 30-60 seconds with its lid on (for safety).
  5.  Place Chemex into the refrigerator to cool to room temperature. Then proceed with the next cup.

Brewing a Perfect Chemex Coffee

Only some types of coffee require the use of a Chemex brewer. If you are after the best coffee possible, we recommend purchasing the Chemex coffeemaker plus two sizes of “Chemex Original” filters. We have been using these filters for years, which always work perfectly for us. The Chemex tests and meets strict standards for filter performance compared to paper filters. These filters are ideal for those who grind their coffee or those who like to use pre-ground coffee.

It found that their drip-brew system doesn’t produce the proper taste to suit them. Chemex filters are highly durable and brew a fabulous-tasting coffee. If you don’t trust the quality of water, then Chemex is the filter for you. Unlike other brewing methods, the Chemex uses no paper or metal surfaces that can taint your cup of coffee. The Chemex does an excellent job of eliminating oil and residue particles from your drink, leaving you with a bolder and cleaner cup.

Coffee in a Chemex is the preferred method to brew an espresso. The coffee is brewed without risk of paper taste or allergen contamination. The Chemex removes oils and residue particles from your drink, and it is slightly heavier than a paper filter, creating a better-tasting brew. The Chemex filter has never failed me, and my love for this coffee filtration method knows no bounds. I enjoy the fact that I can make great coffee in under 5 minutes without using any percolator baskets or filters. Chemex is still the best way to brew coffee. Simple, elegant and clean. It’s also quieter than many other methods, making it simple to use in homes or offices where you want to have that peaceful morning without being disturbed.

A Chemex Brewer Can Create The Best Coffee Experience.

No matter how you brew your coffee, you must brew it right. There are no shortcuts in brewing coffee to give you a good cup. And if you choose to brew with an espresso machine, make sure the burr grinder is sharp and that the coffee beans are fresh; if things aren’t right at the beginning, they’ll never be right. When brewing with a Chemex brewer, always remember to use high-quality water.

The best-tasting coffee comes from using hard water. To get the best results, always use filtered water. Coffee filters are not just paper filters; they have developed over time to ensure the best taste is extracted from the grinds. French press coffee makers are a great way to brew on your own and have been around for a long time. Coffee connoisseurs drink coffee using Chemex brewers because it makes their coffee taste better.

Final Verdict:

The Chemex is a classic, so it’s no surprise that it’s still so popular today. It’s the best way to enjoy coffee with other people and is also great for special occasions. We recommend having at least one in your coffee arsenal at home, office or dorm. It is an excellent choice for brewing large and smaller amounts of coffee. The Chemex offers exceptional value for money and makes a perfect gift idea.

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