What would be the best idea to have a fantastic cup of coffee made of ground beans when you don’t have a coffee grinder? The answer to this question is simply grind the beans with your hand. Hand grinding can be labor-intensive, and people mostly do this in case they can’t find a grinder. But there is another incredible fact about manual grinding. The beans are more likely to have perfect consistency, the way you like them. Moreover, they are crushed equally and smoothly and enhance the coffee’s taste up to much extent.

Now, if you are wondering how to use a manual grinder? Here are the detailed steps to do so.

How To Use The Manual Grinder?

How To Use The Manual Grinder?
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There are the basic steps to use a manual coffee grinder

  • Unscrew the nut present on the top of the grinder to remove the nut and open its lid. The lid also has an attached handle and the locking ring. The handle is supposed to do manual grinding.
  • Not all the grinders have a top nut; only a few do have. But removing the lid along with the handle is common to all.  All of them must have the option of removing the top for the sake of putting the beans into it.
  • In the next step, adjust the locking ring. And the central shaft is adjusted to its place to make sure fine grinding. Place the ring into the shaft you have just chosen to be correct.
  • Add a few nuts and put back the lid having the handle. Make sure adjustment is proper or not.
  • If everything is going fine, add beans according to your taste. And start rotating the handle in the clockwise direction. A clockwise rotation would give you perfectly ground beans.
  • Keep grinding until it reaches according to your favorite consistency.

Your beans can be ground successfully using manual grinders.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Manual Grinders?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Manual Grinders?
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Manual grinding is kind of hectic but worth doing also. It’s not all the people do it because of the absence of a grinder. People who are coffee lovers and want a perfect mug of coffee each morning can better understand how it is different from pre-grinding.

Maintain Consistency:

Grinding the beans with the help of an electric grinder cannot give a smooth consistency to the grounded beans. There are straight variations in the sizes of the particles of coffee. This affects the taste of the coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you would have better understood this.

Pre-ground Coffee Doesn’t Have A Fresh Taste:

you may ask what’s good doing this hectic work of grinding the coffee manually when you can pre-ground your beans and use it for days. Well, because it makes a difference in the taste. The freshly ground coffee is matchless in its flavor and aroma. People who love to have a fresh aromatic mug of coffee will be amazed to have a product like this. A manual coffee grinder can provide you best sip of your coffee with a bit of labor that can be demolished for the sake of a brilliant mug.

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