If you are a coffee lover, you must have an idea about what is pour-over coffee? Pour-over coffee is a type of coffee that needs no electric tool or machine to work on them and make a cup of coffee. You need only a few straightforward tools like a funnel, filter, and cup. It’s pretty simple, and you need no worry about the quality of coffee. 

Just pour the hot water over the coffee ground beans using a simple filter. Within few seconds, you will have a cup of fantastic coffee. Although it’s a traditional and old method of coffee making and hundreds of cafes are leaving this method because it’s quite an easy but time taking process of coffee making.

They are preferring new heavy machines that are capable of making many cups of coffee at a time.

Pour-Over Coffee

Depending on your needs and the number of cups, including heaviness and dense quality, pour-over coffee is easy to make. The average ratio of coffee to water is 1:12, and it has a strength level of 4. For an idea, there are zero to 7 strength levels for a standard coffee.

Most people like rich and dense coffee, but pour-over coffee still has value for some coffee lovers.

Step 1

Take the water to boil well. The quantity of water is 600 ml(20oz).

Take the water to boil well. The quantity of water is 600 ml(20oz).

Step 2

Use 30 grams of coffee beans

Use 30 grams of coffee beans and make sure that your grind the coffee beans before use. But we recommend less water for making dense coffee for the best taste and odor. For enjoying a highly roasted flavor, we suggest you take 22 to 25 grams of coffee beans for 350 ml of water.

Step 3

Place a filter in the dripper.

The next step is the usage of a dripper for filtering purposes. Set the filter in the dripper and pre-wet the filter for better filtering. Wet the filter with hot water for brewing the coffee beans. But If you are using a blue filter bottle, there is no need to pre-wetting the filter with hot water.

Step 4

Set digital clock to zero scale

Now, take the required amount or grams of ground coffee beans and put it in the filter, which is already somewhat wet. Level the surface with ground coffee to make the process work smoothly. Set up the whole digital clock and set it to zero scales.

Step 5

Begin pouring water slowly over the coffee

Usually, we divide the pours into four steps, and each step is essential. But the first step is the most crucial, and it’s the step where coffee blooms will be seen.

Step 6

The hot water first goes to the surface and then releases carbon dioxide that makes the coffee bloom. Now, on the timer and start pouring hot water on ground coffee in the filter. Pour overtakes 15 seconds, and after reaching 60 grams of water, stop doing it. Wait for another 30 seconds before starting the second pour.

Step 7

Start pouring water in a spiral way in the second pour of coffee. Make sure that all edges are poured with hot water. It will help the coffee to mix thoroughly with the hot water to make tasty pour coffee.

Step 8

As the mixture of water and coffee goes to the ground, add 150 grams of coffee using the same process, and it will take 15 to 29 seconds total.

Step 9:

Enjoy A Fine Coffee

When all the mixture settles on the filter’s ground, pour hot water suing final pour. Now, in the end, coffee making is completed.

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