Coffee lovers always get excited when it comes to coffee. So what better can be than Turkish coffee? Something rich with culture as well as taste. It is something to try on a cold rainy day while sitting on your balcony or backyard.

What Is Turkish coffee?

What Is Turkish coffee?

The coffee-making method in Turkey is originally from Europe that includes countries like Iran and Greece, and there is a significant amount of difference in Turkish tea and coffee. The coffee is made so that finely ground coffee beans are mixed to form a cream to give it a really rich taste which makes it different from other types of coffee. While cooking it so that the ground powder of coffee sinks to the bottom, leaving the liquid, you eventually drink. Although it is very rich in taste, sugar is added to balance the strong taste out a little.

This method of preparation makes Turkish coffee highly caffeinated compared to other preparation methods. So if you are looking for an energy booster to get your work done, Turkish coffee is the answer.

Drinking Turkish coffee also has additional benefits. Many athletes opt for Turkish coffee as the high level of caffeine in it boosts up athletic performance. It has also been shown to protect against different diseases. For example, consuming 5 cups of Turkish coffee has been shown to reduce the heart risk of coffee to 15%. At the same time, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes reduces to 7% if one drinks Turkish coffee. However, the sweetening with sugar can cause some harmful health risks. The high caffeine content can cause problems like anxiety, headaches, or heartburn. It can be an added risk for people sensitive to coffee.

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How To Make Turkish Coffee?

Make Turkish Coffee?

All this coffee talk may have made you impatient and eager to learn how to make the amazing Turkish coffee. This simple step to step method will let you know just the authentic way of making coffee.

  1. Take a ‘cezve’ (pot used for making coffee in Turkey). This bit is essential as all Turks make their coffee using this pot.
  2. You would also need a small cup, and it can be the size of an espresso cup.
  3. Measure water in the cup and pour it into the pot.
  4. Next, you need to put about one teaspoon of the coffee in the post along with the water.
  5. Add sugar; you cannot add sugar once the coffee is made as you cannot mix it after it is done; thus, it is essential to put sugar beforehand.
  6. Put the pot over the stove and start cooking.
  7. After some time, you will start to notice a cream forming on top. Pour only the cream into the cup.
  8. Put it on the stove again until another cream forms. Then, finally, pour all of the coffee into the cup.
  9. Enjoy your Turkish coffee with a Turkish delight as well as a glass of water to clean it out.

Make your cup of Turkish coffee and enjoy all the benefits it promises to provide and feel the rich taste and culture.

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