Roasting the coffee beans enhances the taste of the coffee up to much extent. It’s the way of roasting which predicts the taste of your coffee. Besides the quality of the beans, roasting coffee beans is the 2nd most important point to consider to get the best quality coffee. Whether you want your coffee mild or strong depends on how and the time you spent roasting the beans. Freshly roasted and ground coffee beans have unique and unbeatable tastes. You must focus on some important points while roasting your coffee beans to get a decent cup of coffee. Here are a few steps to follow.

How to Roast Coffee Beans?

Roast Coffee Beans

Roasting beans is not rocket science, and everyone can do it easily. You can have perfectly roasted beans at your home by following these steps.

  • You should have quality green coffee beans purchased through some store or online. Arabic or Robusta beans are of much more great quality.
  • Take a pan or a large bottomed pot to roast the beans. Because the beans enlarge three times their size after roasting, it is important to use a pot that can initially hold 1/3rd of the beans.
  • Add the beans to the pot or pan as per your requirement. The time required for the roasting can deviate based on the quantity and sometimes quality of the beans.
  • Ensure adding the beans to a pre-heated pan. Start roasting the beans at a low medium flame.
  • Keep stirring the beans while roasting. This is to prevent the beans from sticking to the bottom of the pan. For stirring, you can use a wooden scapula or a wired whisker. Whatever you find easy, but a whisker can do the job better. It prevents the beans from uneven roasting.
  • A circular stir in patches all over the pan makes the roasting easier. You can try different stirring and roasting methods. Because the taste of the beans is much more relevant to your skills of roasting the beans.
  • Keep stirring for about five minutes unless the first bean splits and the color changes from green to light brown. The temperature at that place is 450F.
  • The coffee is mildly roasted; a few people like to have it mild. But roasting it for few more minutes would make them darker.
  • You can hear the beans splitting. Continue stirring harder, and now roast the bean up to your choice. If you want medium to mid coffee, you can stop here. About seven minutes passed.
  • People prefer more robust coffee roast the beans up to the second crack. After nine minutes, you will notice a second crack starting, and this is the time to move aside your pan from the stove.
  • Put the beans quickly into the strainer to cool them down. Flip the beans in the strainer in order to remove the ashes and make them properly clean. Cool them down in the open environment with continuous flipping.

Grinding The Coffee Beans

Grinding The Coffee Beans

You would get clean and aromatic roasted coffee beans. Which you can use after grinding. To get a perfect bold cup of coffee, you must grind the beans you have roasted. Grinding the beans can be done manually by using efficient manual coffee grinders or electric ones.

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