Keurig K50 and K55 were marketed separately. The K55 is the updated version of the K50.   Due to this, there are not so many differences between them.  Many of the features presented by both the machines are alike, with some minor and major differences. K55, having been an upgraded form of the former, had to have some updated and better features as well. But that doesn’t mean the K50 is less worthy.

There isn’t anything much confusing about the features of them both. Often, many people get confused and even hesitate, thinking they are different. Despite having many features alike, they are different in many ways. We will have a quick analysis of some of the comparative characteristics of these two.

Keurig K50 vs K55 – The Final Comparison

Brew Sizes

The K50 comes with several optional brewing sizes of 6, 8, or 10 ounces. You can pick one according to your requirement. But the customized feature to select the amount of your coffee is pretty much interesting. It intends to prepare hundreds of k cups for having practical and manual features.

On the other hand, the k55 is able to deliver 3 cups of coffee with modern technology that makes it easier for you to have your coffee as per your requirements.

Operating Technology

Both the machines rely on the same essential functions. K50 basically has manual control. It has button-operated technology with easy to understand features. There are minimum functions to be operated by the buttons. But everything is controlled manually.

K55, being an updated version, comes with the more advanced technology when it comes to operating functions. It has new touch features with some of its features to be handled automatically.

Brewing Strength

K50 for having its manually controlled features is considered to have a strong brewer that brews your coffee more wonderfully. And provides a bolder cup of coffee by asking you if you want to have a strong coffee (a built-in feature in k50).

However, K55 has automatic, new, and low-quality brewing features.K55 has no such option to be offered. 

So, there is a significant difference between the two.

Though brewing can cause much change in the taste, many people are unable to make any clear difference between the taste. Both of the versions do not offer to make a cappuccino or latte. But they can serve a bold and aromatic espresso.

Brewing Time

K50 can make strong brewed coffee in less than a minute. Its strong brewer and manual control customized feature can help you get a bold cup according to your taste.

In K55, the brewing time can exceed up to a minute. Unlike k50, which can brew your coffee within 30 minutes as well, k55 can take a bit more time.

Brewing time, in this case, has nothing to do with the taste, which for most of us around is approximately the same.

Both don’t have any whistles; the machines make some sounds after brewing the coffee before pouring it into the cup.

Water Reservoir

Both versions have the same 48-ounce water reservoir. Which allows you not to fill the water for a day. The placement of the reservoir on the side of the machine is also the same for both; k50 and k55.

Another exciting feature the k55 comes with is the charcoal water filters. These filters clean the water you need to make your coffee with. Which eventually provides you better-tasting coffee.

K50 lags behind in this area. It simply relies on the mesh filters. They might not be as effective as the charcoal filters of the K55. 

Much of the difference between the two can be made regarding the purity of the water as well.


People often concerned with the taste don’t usually go for the outlook. For those who are really conscious about the appearance of their coffee makers, Keurig comes in different colors and styles. The aesthetic quality can be designated to be standard for both Keurig coffee makers; K50 and K55.

Both are available in red and black. There is nothing decent instead a thing to be black.

K Compatibility

K55 being the advanced version of the Keurig series, is k compatible. Whereas the k50 lacks this property.


The dimensions are precisely the same for both makers. They occupy the same space and can be placed on your shelf for daily use. However, the k50 is a little heavy because of its traditional and manual features.

Contrarily, K55 comes with advanced lightweight technology. It’s a bit handy as compared to the k50.


The cleaning process in both the machines is approximately the same. The water runs throughout the machine cleaning all its internal parts in both coffee makers, including grinder, brewer, and reservoir, purifying each element.

A chemical can also be added along with the water, such as vinegar. The vinegar solution cleans the machines properly and removes all the chemicals. Clean water is again brewed two to three times until you start getting clear water out of the machine.

The daily cleanings include the water brewing two to three times. Chemicals can be used on a weekly basis.

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K55 having the automatic descaling has the benefits of many easy cleanings compared to k50 which needs all the manual control to clean it properly. It may appear complicated to you. But honestly, it is the easiest cleanings you can give to your coffee machines.

Final Verdict

Both the machines are the back-to-back product of the Keurig series. Many features like brewing, reservoir volume, button control, and many more are the same as you can see in the comparison section.

K55 is bit much upgraded with unique and modern features. This version having the built-in LCD and charcoal filters has made life more convenient. The automatic control of k55 is prevalent over the manual control of k50 because of the busy, hectic life. Moreover, the quality of water is improved and ultimately the taste as well. Its cleaning is also easy. It’s a complete combo pack providing a bold aromatic coffee in a busy household. 

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