Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Material Plastic
Brand Mr.Coffee
Color Black
Capacity 12 Cups
Item weight 3.6 Pounds
Item Dimensions 12.3 x 11.76 x 13.8 inches

Mr.Coffee 12-cup coffee maker is a great option for making coffee in an office setting. It supports all the features necessary in a good coffee maker and is less expensive than other options. Setting it up is rather effortless, just set it, switch it on, and start brewing. If you’re impatient in terms of your favorite coffee, this coffee maker features a fantastic auto-pause feature that lets you grab a cup of coffee before it ends brewing. The reservoir supports a dual water window, allowing you to see when the water is filled to the brim to avoid overflowing. Moreover, for easy handling and hassle-free cleaning, you can easily remove and lift the filter basket and set it back again.

Mr.Coffee 12-cup coffee maker has an on/off indicator light that lets you know when the machine is on, so you can turn it off even if you forget. In the hustle and bustle of the office, this option tends to be very handy. With the cord length being only 26 inches, you won’t need to look around for a switchboard, therefore you can set it up and use it easily. Finally, this coffee maker can brew up to 12 cups of coffee with one full carafe, and is, hence perfect for your office setting.

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How Do I Use the 12 Cup Coffee Maker from Mr. Coffee?

The use of this coffee maker is surprisingly simple. You must complete the following.

Also, keep in mind to turn the power off when you’re done using the coffee maker because it doesn’t have an automatic shutoff. Just set an alarm on your phone, oven, or microwave if you’re worried you’ll forget.

Features- Mr.Coffee 12 Cup Simple Brew Coffee Maker 

Simple Brew coffee makers are designed for folks who enjoy brewing coffee as a part of their morning routine; there is no convoluted layout here. Some people would consider it to be a cheap coffee maker, but I believe it to be a fantastic small device due to how simple it is to use.

Water Reservoir

First of all, the water tank is the same as one that had on a coffee machine twenty years ago. It is not removable. Just as you had done for years with comparable machines, you just pour water into the machine to fill it up. Having said that, the tank has a capacity of 96 ounces (2,840 millilitres), and the carafe features indications that allow you to quickly determine how much water to add.

Dual Water Window

Even better, there are marks on the water tank’s water windows on either side that match those on the carafe. Because of these marks, you can almost be sure that you won’t overfill the machine and that your coffee won’t spill into the coffee pot.

Filter Basket- Lift and Clean

With just a quick rinse in warm water and mild soap, the filter basket of the Simple Brew coffee machine can be readily removed for easy disposal of used grounds. This model requires a paper filter to adequately brew coffee because it does not come with a reusable filter.

Indicator Lights- Power On/Off

Your entryway to that morning cup of coffee is the solitary button on the machine’s front. It turns on when the machine is brewing or on, and turns off when you switch it off.

Easy Cord Storage

You have the option to neatly tuck the cable away to free up some counter space after you’ve finished brewing and the appliance has been turned off and allowed to cool. You are in complete control.

Automatic Pause

The Grab a Cup Auto Pause option is another nice tool for those days when you can’t wait until the pot is done. Simply take out the carafe, and the drip operation will stop until you put the carafe back on the warmer plate. The brew will continue after that.

When you need to top off a chilled cup while you wait for the new pot to boil, it is quite convenient. Just be aware that the coffee may taste harsh at first since so little water has been allowed to travel through the coffee grinds during the brewing process.

Hot Plate

As long as the machine is turned on, the hot plate under the carafe will continue to warm your coffee. Despite the fact that a lot of people like this, I believe that using it increases the likelihood of burning your coffee and destroying its flavour. If you want hot coffee, it’s best to just consume what you’ve already brewed while it’s still hot.

About Cleaning and descaling the 12-cup Mr. Coffee coffee maker.

Not only is this coffee maker simple to use, but cleaning it is also a breeze. Even though some pieces are dishwasher safe, I always advise hand washing to protect the components. Cleaning the carafe, the carafe lid, and the filter basket with warm water and mild soap and setting them aside to air dry is very simple.

All you need to clean the machine’s exterior is a nice microfiber cloth. To keep it shining after usage, just give it a quick wipe-down. Descaling the Simple Brew Coffee maker is also necessary, especially if you have hard water.  For cleaning its coffeemakers, Mr. Coffee sells a descaling solution, but undiluted vinegar works just as well.

Put four cups of vinegar in the reservoir of your machine to descale it. After brewing around three cups of vinegar, place a paper filter in the filter basket, turn off the machine, and leave it for 30 minutes. Turn the machine back on after 30 minutes and brew the final cup. Then, only add fresh water to the reservoir until it reaches the 12-cup threshold, and brew to thoroughly rinse the device.


The Simple Brew is an inexpensive coffee maker in comparison to some of the other models available. It accomplishes its goal. And you would agree that’s all that really matters.

I appreciate this style of straightforward coffee maker. As I noted in my list of the Top 22 Coffee Makers for 2022, the Simple Brew Coffee Maker is a traditional, everyday coffee maker. It’s a simple machine with straightforward aesthetics that still produces a respectable cup of hot coffee. Just be sure to switch it off after you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How user-friendly is the Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker?

Yup! Well, all you have to do is take it out of the box, set it up, add your preferred coffee grinds, and press the button. Your first pot of coffee will be ready in no time.

Can you programme the 12 cup Mr. Coffee coffee maker?

This coffee maker is not programmable, despite the fact that there are many models that are. It’s just a regular machine that makes fantastic coffee.

I have a 12 cup Mr. Coffee coffee maker. Can I use instant coffee in it?

You can, but I don’t advise it. When preparing instant coffee, simply add hot water to your cup. Only ground coffee can be used in the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker, according to design.

How much coffee should I pour into my 12 cup Mr. Coffee coffee maker?

For an entire pot of coffee, Mr. Coffee suggests nine level tablespoons. It goes without saying that you may always add a little more if you prefer your coffee to be stronger. If you prefer to brew less coffee, there is also a useful table in the instruction manual that can help you determine how much you need.


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