OXO Coffee Maker Review
Brand Oxo
Item weight 10.5 pounds
Color Stainless Steel
Capacity 45 Fluid Ounces
Material Stainless steel
Item dimensions 8.3 x 15 x 17.2 inches
Item Weight 9 pounds

The OXO good grips pour-over coffee maker has a BPA-free water tank that can store up to 9 cups of water. It is designed to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. This coffee maker features a thermal carafe, an insulated stainless steel exterior, and three temperature settings for brewing. This Coffee Maker is pretty and durable and enhances the beauty of the kitchen.

The brewer also has a hot plate that will keep coffee hot for hours without scalding or burning. It keeps the water temperature between 197.6-204.8F while the rainmaker shower head of this machine disperse the water evenly and makes a tasty and perfect coffee within a few minutes.

It is an ideal one for drip-free coffee. You can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee as the freshness timer shows freshness. But keep in mind there is no separate carafe, and you need to be careful about the regular maintenance of the coffee maker as most of the people complained about smelling inside the coffee maker after a few days. It’s easy to clean up, with dishwasher-safe parts that are engineered with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

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Brewing Quality: OXO Hot & Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

Overall, a full-bodied, smooth brew was made with the OXO Compact. The simple dilution made it incredibly enjoyable to consume. However, the coffee frequently lacked the more nuanced, sweeter flavours and complexity that one would anticipate from a cold brew.


The performance of the brewer may always be evaluated by tasting the cold brew coffee fragrance. Repeated testing revealed that the OXO Compact concentrate’s aroma was highly potent. Deeper chocolate, earthy, or nutty overtones were more prevalent. Less sweet tones were audible.

We were initially taken aback by the OXO compact’s overall performance. Therefore, rather of using our regular testing technique of 18 hours, we undertook a second brewing for 14 hours. Even yet, the OXO Compact was unable to produce notes that were sweeter. Its drip-and-leave brew technique, known as the “rainshower,” appears to be the deciding factor.


We mixed purified water in a 1:2 ratio with the OXO concentrate. The resulting beverage had a silky texture and a mildly acidic flavour. The main flavours were those of chocolate, dirt, and nuts. Other brewers were better at producing sweet or fruity flavours, which the beer frequently lacked. It was fairly pleasant, but overall it lacked depth and excitement.

We considered this concentrate to be a fantastic option for ice cubes, desserts, or blending into other beverages like protein shakes. We heartily recommend the OXO Compact if you enjoy a robust brew. Brewing with fewer grounds to water or for a shorter period of time is something to take into account with the OXO.


Simple reusable mesh filters are used by the OXO Compact. It didn’t clog the brewer, and the decanting went quite quickly and easily. Although the sediment was incredibly tiny, there were some discernible granules. Even though it wasn’t the most complete filter, it worked quickly.

Design and Built-in Quality: Oxo Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

To find out what was contained in the OXO Compact cold coffee brewer’s neatly packaged tiny form, we opened the box. A product that fascinates and excites consumers was the first impression.

Brew Vessel

The brew vessel seems to be well-made and is simple to use. It looks elegant but blends in well with the countertop thanks to its translucent black colour. For some refrigerators, especially those less than 90 L, it can be too tall without taking a shelf off.

On the other hand, you might be able to put it in the crisper box.The specialised “rainmaker” is made to dispense water uniformly across the coffee grinds. An airtight brewing environment is produced by the rainmaker’s simple removal and the lid’s strong construction.


With a straightforward emblem and a measuring dot, the glass decanter has a nice aesthetic appearance. We handled it carefully though, as it did feel a little delicate.

Lid/ Stopper

The cork stopper is rendered non-porous by the silicone seal, which completely encloses it. The cork does not, however, fit tightly inside the decanter. You should firmly grasp the decanter in your palm because the cork tends to slip off.


The filtering unit of the OXO Compact is essentially its detachable base. Convenient alignment marks are present on the base, which is tight but simple to detach. The base cradles the mesh filter firmly.

Our main issue here is the requirement for proper maintenance, especially on the red gasket. The filter appears to be resilient enough, but it’s difficult to assess how well the metal spring valve will hold up. Most cold brew coffee makers have less complicated parts.

Build Quality

A very well-made product, the OXO Compact. All of the components are safe and of high quality. Compared to other cold coffee machines, there are more pieces to manage. The durability of the red gasket and the spring decanting valve will also only become apparent with time. The stopper on the carafe is not the best, despite the fact that it is lovely.

Ease of use: Oxo Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Of the cold brew coffee machines, the OXO Compact is one of the simplest. The marks on the decanter and brew pot are used to simply measure your ingredients. Cleaning went well while decanting happened quickly and without effort. To further emphasise its compactness, it also stores very neatly. Only the delicate decanting spring valve needs to be handled with care.


It was a breeze to brew with the OXO Compact. Convenient markings are one cause of this. Additionally, the base is completely leak-proof and safe. You can get started by simply lining up the bar markings on its components.

Up to the bean icon, or about 6 oz (170 g), of grounds should be placed in the brew kettle. The decanter should then be filled with 12 fl oz (355 ml) of water (shown by a dot). The ‘rainmaker’ is then simply placed, water is slowly poured around, the lid is then secured, and coffee is left to brew.


You must lay the brew vessel over the little decanter in order to decant the OXO Compact. Without falling off, it slipped on perfectly. The concentrate began decanting as soon as pressure was applied to the spring valve.

Less than five minutes were spent decanting, but if you wait a little longer, you can extract a tiny bit more. Similar to a nylon filter, the mesh filter performed admirably. The sensitivity of the decanting valve was one problem. Moving the brew pot required caution because liquid quickly flowed out, so we had to be careful not to touch it.

Cleaning and Storage Process

Compared to typical cold coffee makers, the OXO Compact features more pieces that can be removed. Despite the carafe’s seeming fragility, cleaning it mostly required rinsing or soaking in hot water. It can be thoroughly cleaned in a dishwasher or by using two fingers to clean the inside.

Cleaning the silicone seal off of the cork stopper is simple enough. It was simple to clean because the brew pot is broad. To avoid misplacing the red gasket on the bottom, you should be cautious.

The OXO Compact is pretty nicely designed in terms of storage. In the brew pot, the carafe is positioned. The ‘rainmaker’ then inverts so that it can be used as a lid for storage if the lid and carafe stopper are placed at an angle.

Final Verdict

One of the most user-friendly brewers is the OXO Compact cold brew coffee maker. We are delighted by its quick decanting and practical built-in measurements. Additionally, it stores quite well. The OXO ‘rainshower’ water dispersion technique is distinctive.





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