The Bonavita BV1800SS is a coffee maker that brews coffee through a stainless steel thermal carafe. It is popular because it doesn’t drip hot water on the counter, which can be dangerous. One of the key features of this device is that it brews with precision and consistency at 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Bonavita BV1800SS is a variable temperature brewer that is designed for coffee enthusiasts who are looking for a device with precise temperature control. The even water distribution gives great flavor. 

Despite the hefty price tag, the BV1800SS is a high-quality espresso machine. It has a large water reservoir with a built-in heating system that heats up quickly and maintains optimum temperature for brewing. This device can make 2 or 3 espressos simultaneously while maintaining great flavor and temperature consistency. 

With its pressure gauge, you can easily monitor the pressure of your brew to get espresso just right. In addition, it has a reservoir, a dark gray transparent plastic, which makes it high-quality to see how much water is in the pot. This machine has been tested by many people who love its different aspects. However, if you want to make a lifetime investment, check other coffee makers from the list because it lasts for a few years.

Bonavita BV1800SS Coffee Maker 
Brand Bonavita
Capacity 8 cups
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
Item weight  8.5 pounds 
Item dimensions  10.8x 12.2x 6.2 inches

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