If you are fond of coffee, you surely want to know about the types of coffee, its brewing methods and the ideal ratio to get it perfect. Additionally, this article helps you to choose the best coffee for you from the extensive menu of your favorite coffee shop. Moreover, if you plan to make your own coffee shop, you have to read this article to offer your customer a coffee that they like the most.

Different Types of Coffee Beans

But before getting directly into the types of coffee, it is important to know about the different kinds of coffee beans.

ArabicaTypes of coffee beans

It is the most popular and commonly used coffee bean because of its sweet taste and smooth texture. Arabica beans are tough to grow but are preferable because of their complex taste. They thrive on the highlands of Ethiopia.

It was the most famous bean of 7th century Arabia, and this is the place from which Arabica got its name.


It is less famous than arabica but rich in caffeine and has a stronger taste. Because of its strong flavor, it can be used as a medicine from which it got the name robusta. It is an ideal type of bean for espresso because of its high caffeine ratio; it is perfect for waking you up in the morning. Moreover, if you are looking for instant coffee, robusta beans are needed.


This type of coffee bean does not taste the same all time, sometimes smoky or sometimes woody in taste. Every time you try this, the inconsistent flavor will be like a surprise for you. Liberica covers 2% of the world’s coffee supply and is specially grown in Malaysia and roasted in the philippine to add flavor.

Types of Coffee DrinksTypes of coffee Drinks

The most crucial thing in coffee is its taste, bitterness, and caffeine level. These are the parameters that change one coffee type from the others. Let’s get into the kinds of coffee to find the coffee that you like the most.

Black CoffeeBlack Coffee

This type is quite bitter because of the less water and high coffee beans ratio; things like cream, milk, and sugar are prohibited in it. Coffee lovers often claim that this is real coffee; otherwise, adding other ingredients reduces the real taste of coffee. It has a sharp, bitter taste; however, if you want a high caffeine drink, then this is what you should pick.


This is also a water and coffee beans solution. Espresso is prepared by passing water steam through roasted and grounded beans that collect in the form of a little thick liquid with a foam on the top. It is high in caffeine and has a sharp, bitter taste. But if you want a real shot of coffee, you need this.

RistrettoStrong Coffee Types

It is a less concentrated form of espresso because the Ristretto has half water and half espresso. We can say this is a mild shot of espresso with a low caffeine level.

AmericanoAmericano vs Long Black vs Lungo

This is light espresso, but the main difference is their serving style because the espresso is served in shots while the Americano is served in a big cup. It has the minimum ratio of espresso while a significant portion is a water.

Long Black

This is quite a more robust version of Americano but a lighter version of espresso. Two espresso shots mixed with little water to get a cup of long black. This is also served in a big coffee cup but with a high caffeine level.


This is more like Americano because it has water and espresso, even with the same ratio. But the main difference is their taste; lungo is more flavored than Americano.

Doppio or Double EspressoEspresso Doppio Ristretto Lungo

This is just like espresso, but you need two regular espresso shots to get a doppio.

Pour Over CoffeePour Over Coffee

As its name shows, to get a cup of pour-over coffee, you have to pass |( Pour Over ) hot water through the grounded coffee beans. People who love black coffee with an intense coffee flavor prefer this type of coffee.

Batch BrewBatch Brew

It is the same as pouring over coffee but with the help of a machine. You don’t need assistance from anyone to get a batch of brew coffee; instead, the cattle are automatically put in the water. This is also a type of black coffee.

Instant CoffeeInstant Coffee

If you are tired and have no energy to make a hot cup of coffee that needs effort, then instant coffee is all you need as its name tells about it, i.e., instant. Just take a spoon of coffee and add it to water or milk, depending on your choice, and stir for 2 minutes until the coffee mixes completely. It is ready to serve and drink.

AeroPress CoffeeAeropress

It is a full-flavored cup of coffee because, in this method, you have to use a coffee maker with a filter paper that absorbs the extra things like oil that often make coffee taste bad. If you want to enjoy the full flavor of coffee, try a AeroPress coffee cup.

Drip CoffeeDripCoffee

It is a time-consuming process of coffee making, but in the end, it is worth your wait. To make a cup of drip coffee, you have to drip hot water slowly over coffee until you get a cup of coffee to enjoy.

Immersion Coffeeimmersion Coffee

It is a competition for dripping methods because they both are good in taste and extract full coffee flavor. As its name shows, we have to leave coffee in the water for a longer time until the all taste of coffee comes in water and then just filter it to enjoy a heavenly cup of coffee.

Decaf Coffeedecaf coffee

To get a cup of decaf coffee, firstly, steam the beans until they swell, then a mixture passes to remove the caffeine from the beans. After that, dry them and use these beans in a usual way to make coffee with water.

Cappuccinocappuccino coffee

It is a milk coffee and everyone’s favorite because of its sweet and creamy taste. To make a hot cup of cappuccino, use steamed milk and ⅓  part of espresso with the topping of cream milk and serve in a big mug.

Black EyeBlack eye coffee

Depending on you, you can drink it as black coffee or milk coffee. Mix two to three espresso shots with drip coffee to get a black eye. Additionally, you can use frothed milk or cream milk to nullify the strong bitter taste.

LatteLatte Coffee

This is everyone’s favorite milk coffee with more milk and less espresso. It is exactly like a cappuccino but with extra milk, i.e., 5 to 8-ounce milk.

CortadoCortado Coffee

It is a perfect blend of two shots of espresso and 1/4th milk. It seems the same as a latte, but the cortado has relatively less milk than a latte. Because in cortado, you add 1-2 ounce milk, while for a latte, you have to add 6-8 ounces of milk. Latte is double in size and served in a big mug opposite to cortado.

GibraltarGibraltar Coffee

It is a milk coffee with an equal ratio of milk and espresso, served in a glasscalled Gibraltar. From its serving style, this coffee got its name.

Red EyeRed eye Coffee

It is the same as drip coffee but with one shot of espresso. It is dark in color and bitter in taste.

GalãoGalão Coffee

There are also other milk coffees with espresso, but you need a fixed ratio of 1:3 of espresso and milk for Galão. If you can’t drink black coffee because of bitterness, you should try this one.

MacchiatoMacchiato Coffee

It is a milk and sweet form of coffee. It served as espresso with a hot and fourth cup of sweet milk. To get a perfect cup of macchiato, mix equal quantities of espresso and milk.

Long MacchiatLong Macchiato

Long macchiato is two espresso shots with a bit of frothed milk and served in a long glass, but the shots stay in the bottom to create a layering effect. However, more than half the glass remains empty.

Latte MacchiatoLatte Macchiato Coffee

This type of macchiato uses the same ingredients, but the preparation method and presentation make it completely different from a classic latte. Latte macchiato served in a glass, in which the components presented in distinguished layers of espresso, frothed milk and cream.


It is a hot shot of espresso with cold cream. For presentation, chocolate syrup is compulsory to make it sweet and different from others.

Flat WhiteFlat White Coffee

This is the most common coffee type and also the most consumed one. To make a flat white coffee, mix espresso shots with steamed milk to get a milky taste and nullify the bitterness. However, the added milk is lower in ratio.

Caffe BreveCaffe Breve Coffee

This is quite similar to flat white and even difficult to distinguish. It is also a different latte form with a tiny amount of steamed milk.

Piccolo Lattepiccolo latte Coffee

It is also known as piccolo, and it is a milk coffee with low espresso. The serving size of this coffee is relatively smaller than a classic latte; each serving is 3-4 ounces. Mix an espresso shot with steamed milk and then top with milk foam to get a perfect piccolo.

AffogatoAffogato Coffee

An affogato can be used as a sweet dish because it is a scoop of regular cheese or vanilla flavor ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. It is also known as affogato al caffe.

Café au LaitCafé au Lait

This is a cup of regular drip coffee but with steamed milk. The ratio of drip coffee and dairy must be 1:1 to get a perfect cup of Café au Lait.

Cafe LatteCafe Latte Coffee

It is an Italian coffee type where cafe means espresso and latte is for frothed milk. The espresso shot is served with latte and latte art like heart, swan and flowers on top.

Irish CoffeeIrish Coffee

This is the most preferred coffee of Irish people and is more like a cocktail. They add a shot of espresso and then an equal ratio of Irish whiskey and top it with whipped cream.

ViennaVienna Coffee

Vienna is a mixture of two plain espresso shots with a topping of whipped cream. Here the whipping cream works in place of frothed and steamed milk.

Types of Iced Coffee

Banana Milk CoffeeBanana Milk coffee

It is a tasty mixture of banana milk and espresso, but to mix it with coffee, the banana milk should be thin enough to give it a coffee texture instead of a banana milkshake.

Iced LatteIced Latte

It is a tasty summer drink with espresso, milk and ice. The difference between hot and cold lattes is because of milk. In a latte, the milk is compulsory and in huge quantities, while in an iced latte, the milk is optional.

Iced EspressoIced Espresso

It is just an iced espresso, but you can serve it with a touch of milk or cream. However, it can change into iced Americano, iced latte, or iced flat white with different milk ratios.

Cold Brew CoffeeCold Brew Coffee

It is also a regular brewed coffee but with ice. To get a tasty cold brew coffee, you can use a cold brew maker. It is sweet in taste and about 60% less acidic than a hot one. Moreover, it is smoother and less bitter than a hot cup of brew coffee because of no heat treatment to the beans. Also, this makes it more tasteful and healthy.


This is a famous beverage of Starbucks. It is a regular coffee with ice and whipped cream. It is popular because of its sweet and smooth taste. However, not all frappuccinos have coffee in them.

Nitro Cold BrewNitro Cold Brew

It is a brewed coffee but charged with nitrogen that makes a thick foamy layer on the top. This layer gives the beer vibe to it. To make a Nitro Cold Brew, you need a strong cup of coffee to ensure a visible coffee flavor and visible foam.


It is the first iced coffee invented by the French army during the battle of mazagran. It has a sweet taste and is made by adding rum. However, they add lemon and mint in Portugal, while in Australia, they only add ice cubes.

Japanese Iced CoffeeJapanese Iced Coffee

It is like a simple brewed coffee, but they directly add it into ice to make it cold instantly. This procedure gives this coffee its unique taste.

Espresso TonicEspresso Tonic

It is a mixture of the tonic with two shots of espresso topped with ice. It is a perfect blend of the bitter taste of coffee and the citrus flavor of tonic.

International Coffee Recipes

DalgonaDalgona Coffee

The name of dalgona comes from Korea and means “it’s sweet.” You can make it cold or hot, depending on you. To make a cup of dalgona coffee, beat an equal ratio of sugar and coffee with a spoon of hot water until it gets foamy. Next, you have to add hot or cold milk and top it with cocoa powder, honey or biscuits.

Turkish CoffeeTurkish Coffee

This coffee is a blend of traditional and modern techniques. To get Turkish coffee, you have to boil the coffee with water and add cardamom. For this purpose, Turkish people have a specific pot, but if you want to try this at home, you are free to use a saucepan.

Swedish Egg CoffeeSwidish egg Coffee

To try this coffee, you don’t need to go Swedish; you can try this anywhere in the world. To make a tasty cup of Swedish egg coffee, add coffee and egg in a pan, then add water. Boil the solution and pour it into the cup.

Egg in it reduces the bitterness of coffee and gives a unique flavor.


You can call it Cuban coffee; it is dairy-free and sweet. The creamy layer on the top is also made from sugar to entirely dairy-free. It is a vital thing in Cuba at the end of every meal.

Italian Affogato with Cold Brew CoffeeItalian Affogato Cold Coffee

It is also a desert, and to make Italian Affogato, you need only two ingredients, i.e., espresso and flavored ice cream. Take a scoop of ice cream in a cup and add a shot of cold espresso. Your dessert is ready to serve.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee
Bulletproof Coffee combination of butter coconet oil coffe

This is an ideal way to reduce a hangover in a few minutes. To make a perfect cup of bulletproof coffee, take a shot of espresso and add two tablespoons of butter with one tablespoon of coconut oil.

Mexican Coffeemexican coffee

It is the best treat for you if you love sweet and chocolatey things, then surely, you should try this. Mexican coffee is a perfect combination of chocolate and coffee, topped with cinnamon powder. This is a sweet and spicy treat.

Italian Coffee CocktailDolce-Vita-Verpoorten-Italian-Coffee

This is a uniquely tasted cocktail, served as a hot coffee in a wine glass, topped with whipped cream, and decorated with nuts. This drink also has a special ingredient called witches liquor, which adds a herbal taste.

Types of Coffee Makers

It is pretty challenging to pick a coffee maker for your home; top and the right coffee maker is important to get a perfect cup of coffee in the morning. But if you know the specifications of different coffee makers, their dripping methods and pressure make your decision process easy.

French PressFrench Press Coffee Maker

It is a simple and manual coffee maker to get an instant cup of coffee. To get a flavored and robust cup of coffee, just steeve the grounded coffee beans in hot water and press the coffee down to separate the coffee beans from water.

For a perfect cup of coffee, steep for 4 minutes; however, you can exceed the timing if you want a stronger taste. It allows you to vary the steeping time to make coffee according to your own taste.

French press is an ideal choice for you if you want to bring out your favorite brand’s full taste of coffee.

PercolatorPercolator Coffee Maker

These coffee makers give you a cup of drip coffee, but this is quite an older device than the drip coffee makers. They give you a tasteful cup of coffee that smells perfect. You can use it on a stove or by electricity.

It works by passing water steam through coffee beans collected on the top portion. It is an ideal option for you if you like strong coffee and a hot cup of coffee.

AeroPressAeroPress Coffee Maker

It is an improved form of french press coffee maker because it comes with a paper filter that gives an improved taste and absorbs extra oils that are harmful to health. Moreover, it provides the strongest and concentrated coffee, almost similar to espresso.

Aeropress is easy to clean and provides a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Drip Coffee MakerDrip Coffee Maker

It is an automatic form of pour-over coffee, but you don’t need to put extra effort here. Instead, a container carries all the water, heat it, and slowly passes it through coffee beans collected in the lower space. It is an ideal form of coffee, and you can make a variety of coffees by adding different ratios of milk and other sweeteners or flavors.

MokaMoka Express

If you are an espresso lover, you should try this coffee maker. It can produce 3-4 times stronger coffee than drip coffee makers. In this device, the water in the lower chamber passed through the tube with coffee beans as steam. The concentrated water collects on the upper section that you pour out later.

Types of Brewing Methods


It is an old method to make coffee; for this method, you have to pass hot water through the coffee beans and a filter in small batches until you get enough of the cup.

Pour OverHow to make pour over coffee

Hot water poured over the coffee beans placed over a filter. Filters can be of plastic, paper and stainless steel.

EspressoEspresso methodeEspresso methode

The water steam passes through the filter and collects on the upper portion to get a strong and aromatic cup of coffee.

Cold BrewCold Brew Coffee Method

In this type, you have to mix the coffee with water and leave it for a longer time to bring out the full flavor. The water used for this method should be at room temperature or colder, and this factor makes it less acidic.

Coffee lovers can understand the importance of coffee brewing methods and the machines that bring out the taste of coffee grounds. If you want to try coffee, then choose your favorite coffee type according to your liking and its making process, then try it at home or from the best coffee shop in the town



What is the difference between regular coffee and Americano?

Americano is an espresso coffee, i.e., a mixture of water and espresso, while a regular coffee is brewed water passed through coffee beans. To make an americano, you have to make espresso and reduce its concentration by adding water.

How many types of coffee are there in the world?

There are 30 basic types of coffees in the world; however, more than 30 coffees are derived from these basic 30 coffees. It varies mainly based on different preparation methods and different ratios of ingredients.

What is the most common type of coffee beans?

Arabica is the most common type of coffee bean. It is the most preferred option for black coffee making, and this is possible because of its sweet and aromatic taste. However, if you are a lover of milk coffee, you might dislike this type of coffee beans.

What is a good beginner coffee?

Cappuccino, latte, café Americano, or mocha are suggested coffee options for beginners. All these types have milk and cream to reduce the bitterness of coffee and give a light flavor of the coffee. Once you recognize the coffee flavor, you can try a stronger one.

What type of coffee is the strongest?

Ristretto is the strongest coffee type with the highest caffeine level. However, because of the larger serving of lungo, it has more caffeine in one serving, but based on concentration instead of serving, the Ristretto has more caffeine.

What is the difference between a flat white and a latte?

A flat white coffee has a thin layer of milk, while a latte has a more significant portion of milk because it is served with steamed milk, and the top layer is also foamed milk. Moreover, they are also different based on concentration and level of caffeine. The flat white is concentrated and high in caffeine because of the low milk ratio.

What are the main differences between a latte and a cappuccino?

However, both types have the same ingredients, but the ratio of each one creates a visible difference. The cappuccino has an equal ratio of steamed milk, espresso and foamed milk, while in the case of latte, the steamed milk is used in a larger portion, and foamed milk is used as a thin layer on the top. Moreover, the ingredients in cappuccino form a separate visible layer, while in a latte, the milk and espresso are mixed with a foamy layer.

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