You would see that regular coffee was in every shop, but cold brew coffee is rare. Nowadays, you can see cold brew coffee from renowned brands to an ordinary coffee shop. Most people love to drink coffee but they don’t know exactly their types and making. In the same way, what cold brew coffee is will become clear from this article.

What is Cold-brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold coffee is made in cold water by a long steeping process. The brewing process takes 12-24 hours to complete. The flavor of this coffee is smooth and chocolaty, less acidic, and heavy, as compared to hot coffee. This type of coffee has a longer shelf life and maintains its taste even after a week of brewing.

Which Type of Coffee Beans is Suitable for Cold Brew Coffee?

The selection of coffee beans depends on which process you will follow in making this coffee. If you are going to serve it with milk then light roasted espresso will be suitable. Similarly, the coffee with fruity flavors and honey is ideal for making this coffee. For example, natural Ethiopian coffee has deep fruity flavors and heavy chocolate flavor of Brazilian natural coffee.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee?

The cold brew method doesn’t need any precision, scaling, or using a special kettle. The following types of equipment are used in making cold brew coffee:


The grinder is for grinding the coffee into the coarse powder. You can also use ground coffee for this purpose in place of a grinder machine.


Many brewers are available in markets ranging from simple to complex. You can buy any affordable brewer, takes less space, and is unbreakable. There is another way for those who don’t have any brewer. You can brew it on some saucepan and then filter them twice. Filter it with a sieve first and then second with filter paper.

Use of French Press

The French press is best for making cold brew coffee as you can easily filter the coffee beans with the help of a plunger.


The water quality produces a prominent effect on the flavor of cold brew coffee. The use of filtered water will be most suitable for your cold brew coffee.

Materials Required To Make Cold Brew Coffee

How to Process?

Tips for Making Cold Brew Coffee

Tips that will make good flavor cold brewing coffee.

The Bright Side of Brewing Cold Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Serving

Many bright sides will compel you to go for the cold brew coffee.

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