Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer
Material Plastic
Brand Ninja
Color Black/Stainless Steel
Capacity 60 fluid ounces
Human interface input Buttons
Item weight 7.00 lbs
Item dimensions 8 x 10 x 14 inches

Ninja CE251 programmable brewer is a great coffee maker for the office that is a combination of quality and flavor that gives you perfectly brewed coffee. Whether you want rich or classic coffee, this programmable brewer will brew any customer strength without making your coffee bitter. Coffee lovers know that coffee is not fun until it is steaming hot. This coffee maker just promises you that hot cup of coffee with its hot brewing technology and advanced boiler. The adjustable warming plate supported by this coffee maker ensures to maintain the heat for as much as 4 hours. Because the heat is distributed evenly with the flavored straw, you’ll never get lousy or burned coffee.

With the 24-hour programmable delay, you can set the coffee maker beforehand to brew your coffee for the next morning. The convenient pull-away design gives you the freedom of filling the water reservoir without creating any mess. Want a cup of coffee right away? No problem, with this coffee maker you can just pull the carafe out with the mid-brew function and pour yourself a cup easily. Ninja CE251 programmable brewer supports two brew strengths, rich and classic, so you can get the coffee you like. When the carafe is full, it can serve 12 people in a single go, so what more can you want in an office environment?

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Features: Ninja CE251 Coffee Maker

The Ninja CE251 may become your new favourite coffee maker if you don’t care about a milk frother, an iced coffee setting, or the ability to brew coffee in a variety of mug sizes. Let’s look at some characteristics that make the Ninja 12 Cup Coffee Maker unique.

Easy Usage

Coffee brewing is more straightforward than you may imagine with the Ninja CE251. The pragmatism of the design should make any coffee consumer happy if they prefer to avoid fiddling with dials to adjust the precise coffee-to-water ratio or set a time grid to accommodate everyone’s schedule. This 12-cup coffee maker can get the job done without much hassle thanks to simple controls, easy cleaning, and little setup.

It could be difficult to access the brew basket. The brew basket does not conveniently swing out but must be accessed by lifting the top. If you put the coffee maker behind cabinets, you can find yourself frequently moving it to make coffee because of the overall height and where the brew basket is located.

Controls and Functions

You don’t need to be a programmer or tech expert to use the Ninja CE251 to get the greatest coffee. It’s simple to set the time. Additionally crucial are the brewing controls. You can choose between classic, rich, or small-batch brewing at the touch of a button. Want to prepare your delectable coffee in advance? You may rapidly prepare your coffee preparation for the following day by using the Delay Brew button.

Cleaning Process

For your coffee to continue to taste amazing, you must regularly clean your coffee maker. A button on the CE251 lets it clean your coffee maker for you. This self-cleaning function is deemed insufficient by some customers and necessitates repeated use.

However, the water tank is detachable for people with hard water who need to clean the water reservoir, enabling you to perform a deep cleaning cycle if you so want. The glass carafe and some of the plastic pieces of the coffee maker, excluding the stainless steel trim, are dishwasher safe.

Capacity of Coffee Maker

If you’re anything like us, your house or office needs to have a lot of coffee. The majority of coffee makers typically have an 8 or 10-cup brewing capacity. The NinjaCE251, on the other hand, has a massive 12-cup capacity, making it ideal for large gatherings or all-day caffeine needs. Up to 12 tablespoons of ground coffee can fit in the brew basket, which has a substantial capacity.

Size Matters

With its small size, the CE251 is a space saver in the kitchen, which will please people with limited counter space. With dimensions of 10 inches broad by 9 inches long by 15 inches high, the item weighs only 6.55 pounds, which is not particularly heavy. Given that the reservoir has such a big capacity, its small size is somewhat remarkable.


The Ninja CE251 has a reusable gold-tone permanent filter, like many more recent coffee makers, so paper filters are not necessary. However, a typical #4 filter can be used if you opt to utilise a conventional paper filter.

Design and Construction

As previously indicated, the Ninja CE251’s slick stainless steel accent gives it an expensive appearance even though it is mostly made of plastic. Although the appliance is lightweight because of its plastic structure, it might not be as sturdy. You’ll be relieved to learn that the plastic is BPA-free if you have any health concerns. The water boiler is built of aluminium, though.

The CE251 includes a glass carafe to provide your hot coffee a cleaner flavour, pleasing to the purist in coffee. Additionally, because the glass carafe can be cleaned in the dishwasher if necessary, it is simpler to maintain.

Additional Functions

A convenient scoop and instructions for more precise measurement and brewing are included with the Ninja CE251. When brewing a new pot of coffee, you won’t have to seek the scoop because it is neatly attached to the side of the coffee maker.  Sadly, this coffee machine lacks the helpful feature of producing a frothy cup, which will disappoint those of us who appreciate it.

List out the Perks

List out the Cons

Use instructions for the Ninja CE251 coffee maker.

Add freshly ground coffee to the filter and filtered water to the detachable reservoir when you’re ready to make coffee. Even though I always prefer to weigh my coffee with a coffee scale,

You’ll be pleased to learn that there is a Ninja coffee scoop available for weighing coffee grounds. Even more to your delight, the scoop includes a handy tiny storage space of its own on the machine’s side. It’s a Ninja, after all!

Then, push the power button on the control panel while the carafe is positioned beneath the brewing group. Before selecting the Brew button, choose the strength of your brew. Keep in mind that you should select the Small Batch option if you’re only brewing four cups or less.

When the hard job is finished, the Ninja will beep after a short while to let you know. You can now relax and savour some great coffee! Of course, if you’re one of those cunning people who steals coffee from the pot in the middle of the brewing process, you’re probably already sipping on a cup and looking smug.


The Ninja CE251’s enormous 12 cup capacity is difficult to ignore whether you’re considering it for your home or workplace. Its several brew settings, which include Classic for a regular coffee brew, Rich for a richer taste, and even Small Batch for those who only want 1-4 cups (Really? ), provide a personalised cup ideal for the majority of coffee producers and drinkers.

Unlike more sophisticated coffee machines, the Ninja CE251 is quite simple to clean. Most cleaning requirements will be met by the built-in self-cleaning option, which uses water or a descaler solution, but may require further cycles to be absolutely immaculate. Cleaning and refilling are made simpler by the water tank’s detachable design.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Ninja CE251 coffee maker can be descaled in what way?

Add a solution of descaling agent and water to the reservoir of a Ninja CE251 coffee maker, then press the Clean button to start the cycle. After the descaling cycle is complete, make a full carafe of water solely to rinse the machine of any remaining cleaning agent.

What is the Ninja CE251 coffee maker that has programmable features?

Using the Delay Brew feature, the Ninja CE251 coffee maker may be set to brew coffee up to 24 hours in advance.

What size coffee filter fits the Ninja CE251?

There is a reusable gold-tone coffee filter included with the Ninja CE251 coffee maker, but you may also use #4 paper filters.

What size of grind should I use for my Ninja CE251 coffee maker?

The Ninja CE251 coffee maker should be used with a medium grind size as is recommended for all automatic coffee makers. Depending on your preferred flavour, you can make minor adjustments to the grind size.


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