Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer
Material Plastic
Brand Ninja
Color Black/Stainless Steel
Capacity 60 fluid ounces
Human interface input Buttons
Item weight 7.00 lbs
Item dimensions 8 x 10 x 14 inches

Ninja CE251 programmable brewer is a great coffee maker for the office that is a combination of quality and flavor that gives you perfectly brewed coffee. Whether you want rich or classic coffee, this programmable brewer will brew any customer strength without making your coffee bitter. Coffee lovers know that coffee is not fun until it is steaming hot. This coffee maker just promises you that hot cup of coffee with its hot brewing technology and advanced boiler. The adjustable warming plate supported by this coffee maker ensures to maintain the heat for as much as 4 hours. Because the heat is distributed evenly with the flavored straw, you’ll never get lousy or burned coffee.

With the 24-hour programmable delay, you can set the coffee maker beforehand to brew your coffee for the next morning. The convenient pull-away design gives you the freedom of filling the water reservoir without creating any mess. Want a cup of coffee right away? No problem, with this coffee maker you can just pull the carafe out with the mid-brew function and pour yourself a cup easily. Ninja CE251 programmable brewer supports two brew strengths, rich and classic, so you can get the coffee you like. When the carafe is full, it can serve 12 people in a single go, so what more can you want in an office environment?

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