WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker
Material Plastic
Color Black
Capacity 80 Milliliters
Item weight 0.74 lbs
Item dimensions 2.8 x 2.44 x 6.14 inches

With the WACACO Nanopress Espresso maker, it’s never been easier to achieve the perfect coffee shot. This Espresso maker works with finely grounded coffee beats that are taped very hard, allowing you to achieve the perfectly brewed coffee cup with a dense and creamy layer every time. With a simple manual operation and no electricity required, you can get the pleasure of enjoying great-tasting coffee from the very first sip to the last. All you have to do is to ground coffee, add hot water, and let the WACACO Nanopresso Espresso maker make the perfect coffee for you.

This Espresso maker is perfect for camping as it comes with a protective, soft fabric casing, ensuring that your product remains safe and secure in all your travel journeys. Regardless of where you are headed, this case ensures safety from scratches, dust, or bumps. With the Portafilter supported, you can easily deep clean your coffee maker after every shot. Nanopresso’s small and ergonomic design makes it perfect for your travels. Enjoy a great shot of coffee on your journeys with this easy to hold and pack coffee maker. Weighing as light as 336g, it supported a large water tank as well that can hold around 80ml of water.

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Easy Uasge: Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker 

The fun part is about to begin. We tested the Nanopresso to see how simple it is to operate, and we were pleasantly impressed! It was easy to get started after just a quick check at the directions. The instructions are straightforward to follow, however the small wording may make them difficult to comprehend. You can also warm up the machine by first running it simply with hot water before brewing your espresso.

We prepared some coffee by grinding some beans and heating some water. A coffee scoop that doubles as a tamper is included with the Nanopresso. Pull the filter out after unscrewing the filter basket. Pour coffee into the coffee filter and press it down with the scoop’s bottom. The water tank has two levels of water marked for 50 and 80 ml. To pour the hot water into the tank, you should have it level. Screw the main body onto the tank once the water has been supplied.

The pump piston is situated in the locked position on the front of the body. When the piston is turned to unlock, the body will release the piston. Prepare to pump by turning the body 180 degrees. You must grip the body with both hands while pumping, according to the instructions. However, we found that because the piston glides fluidly, you can use one hand to pump if you prop the body on the cup.

Portability of Espresso Maker 

Lightweight and ideal for camping or travelling, this device. It has a mass of less than one pound. Although it is made of plastic, it is solidly built, so throwing it in your suitcase or backpack shouldn’t be a problem. Coffee and water are the only ingredients needed. Wacaco improved the espresso maker by adding a traveler-friendly feature. Accessories to convert the Nanopresso to work with Nespresso capsules are available separately.

Cleaning Process

The machine is simple to clean if you are at home. But if you’re on the road, you might need to pay a little more attention to finish the task without just creating more chaos. We did observe that the filter basket was challenging to remove the coffee grounds from. Keep a large Ziploc bag on hand so you can quickly zip it in and clean the space afterwards if you’re travelling and rushing to check out of your hotel room.You’ll want to disassemble everything for a thorough cleaning after using it for roughly 20 rounds. Also simple to follow are the directions for it.

What are the Pros of Nanopresso?

These are some advantages of utilising this gadget:

What are the Cons of Nanopresso?

The following drawbacks were apparent after some time of use:

Its requirement for boiling water is the feature of the Nanopresso that restricts its portability. The Nanopresso isn’t completely helpless, despite the fact that this is true of all espresso makers. You will need energy to boil the water you will use to prepare your espresso, whether you decide to do it in the comfort of your home before leaving for the day or by a campfire.

Quick and Simple Steps for Using the Nanopresso Coffee Maker

What Makes the Wacaco Nanopresso Machine Unique?

This tiny device is surprisingly powerful. You will be enthralled by its petite size and lovely style. You’ll be perplexed by how it operates. A very creative portable espresso machine, however, is this amazing feat of contemporary coffee engineering. With this innovative portable equipment, Nanopresso has set new criteria for making coffee and revised the rules of the game of espresso.

Without having to be a skilled barista, make great coffee while you work, travel, or simply at home. With so many features and capacities, this smartphone is incredibly versatile. With a lovely and deep crema coating, the Nanopresso consistently produces the ideal espresso shot.With this small gem to complement your coffee toolkit, you won’t be let down.

Wrapping Up

For those who frequently travel, camp, occasionally sip espresso, or are minimalists, the Nanopresso is practical. It’s a fantastic product that is convenient to use and carry. However, you might want to think about a device made for multiple users if you need to use it for more than two people.A busy schedule might benefit from the convenience and wonderful taste of espresso that the Nanopresso portable espresso maker offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it support capsules?

To make the Nanopresso work with Nespresso capsules, you can buy an adapter separately. K-cups can’t be used, unfortunately.

  1. Is this able to fit in my carry-on?

Yes, however TSA officials can require you to describe what it is.

  1. Is the Nanopresso’s entire body submersible?

Yes, you can submerge all of the components for cleaning.

  1. Is there a warranty included?

Yes, there is a one-year warranty included.


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