A French press can make it easier for you to make a bold and decent cup of coffee every morning to give a refreshing feel. This device is very convenient in making a delicious cup of coffee providing you a great taste and aroma. You can make aromatic coffee using a French press coffee maker with these easy steps.

How To Use A French Press Coffee Maker?

Use A French Press Coffee Maker?
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A French coffee maker makes your morning coffee with the strength of your choice. You can make your own cup of coffee at home with these easy steps.

  • Measure the roasted beans according to the amount of your coffee you want to make in the French press.  Mostly 25 grams of roasted beans for a medium-sized French press is enough for an average cup. But it entirely depends on your taste.
  • Grind the beans using a manual grinder or electric grinder. The coffee beans to be used in the French press must be ground to a medium coarse. For that purpose, manual grinders are the best and are more efficient. If you are using an electric grinder you can set the grinder to grind the beans at medium coast.
  • If you want your coffee to be more strong and bitter, you can make the beans a bit fine. However, for the sake of mild or average, the beans must be ground to medium coarse. This is the ultimate approach of grinding the beans to be used in the French press.
  • The French press coffee maker must be preheated before making coffee. Add hot water to the French press and keep it in with its lid covered for a few seconds. So that it may be pre-heated. Pour out the water.
  • Add the ground beans to the preheated French press.  Add a little amount of water in which the ground beans are soaked only. Cover the French press with its lid and keep the paste for about 30 seconds.
  • Now fill the water up to the top of the French press. And give it a gentle stir for a few seconds. Cover it with the lid and wait for 4-5 minutes until your coffee gets ready.
  • After five minutes press the handle on the top of the lid of the French press. Press it down slowly and gently until it reaches the bottom.
  • If you feel the pressing hard, it means the beans were ground finer. The litter press would tell; the grinding was medium coarse.
  • Pour the coffee into your cup, and it’s ready to serve. Your decent cup of coffee is prepared to give you a refreshing taste. You can add sugar, marshmallows, cream, or frothed milk according to your liking.

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The coffee in the French press can be delicious because it extracts the tastes from the freshly roasted beans naturally. The coffee tastes much better because you can get a cup of your choice. You can grind the beans according to your taste. Plus, you are free to use the amount of coffee. The brewing of coffee this way in the French press enhances the taste and is matchless. It gives you much soothing and refreshing feel each morning.

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